Tony Joe White
“As funky as anything out of Stax or Muscle Shoals.” -- David Fricke (Sr. Editor, Rolling Stone)
“Tony Joe White, he’s the real deal.” -- Stephen Malkmus (prominent indie rock musician, former member of Pavement)
"Deep Cuts" ~
Irish Release August 1st, 2008 on Munich Records
New Venue!
Raglane Entertainment presents...
TONY JOE WHITE ::: LIVE ::: Crawdaddy, Dublin
Tuesday September 16th, 2008

Acclaimed songwriter whose songs have been recorded by Elvis, Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Kenny Chesney, Hank Williams Jr.,and Dusty Springfield to name but a few . . .

Revered as one of the originators of swamp rock, Tony Joe White has recast a number of his classic songs on Deep Cuts, proving that time has no jurisdiction over funky. His signature groove, starting from his 1969 hit “Polk Salad Annie,” is what he uses to paint a vivid picture of the world he experienced growing up, where poverty provided unity between otherwise divided races and bad-news women were sometimes too good to pass up.

Tony Joe cut the tracks with his son Jody providing a rich palette of beats and loops, utilizing both digital and live drums, strings, organs, and the unmistakable timbre of Tony Joe’s guitar. Tony Joe’s time-worn baritone is positively haunting, like a restless spirit conjured by the funk that was always the core of his music.

As a collective work, Deep Cuts portrays the complications of living on the cusp of impending danger — be it an encounter with a brutal country sheriff or a poisonous snake — through the eyes of a master songwriter who has seen and lived all of it. Deep Cuts not only updates a cache of classic songs for a contemporary audience, it reframes them, revisiting his timeless imagery in a new, modern context. With Deep Cuts, Tony Joe reveals that there is still plenty to be gleaned from his irresistible, timeless groove.

"Deep Cuts" Track Listing:

1. Set The Hook
2. As The Crow Flies
3. Willie And Laura Mae Jones
4. Soul Francisco
5. Run With The Bulls
6. High Sheriff of Calhoun Parrish
7. Aspen, Colorado
8. Homemade Ice Cream
9. Swamp Water
10. Roosevelt and Ira Lee



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