Soft Cell The new single “Monoculture”
  Soft Cell
The new single “Monoculture”
Released 9th September (FRYCD132/FRYCD132X)

The new album “Cruelty Without Beauty”
Released 30th September (COOKCD245)
Darker Times / Monoculture / Le Grand Guignol / The Night / Last Chance / Together Alone / Desperate / Whatever It Takes / All Out Of Love / Sensation Nation / Caligula Syndrome / On An Up

Soft Cell release their first album in eighteen years.

The legendary duo of Dave Ball and Marc Almond has written recorded 12 tracks in a London studio which stand alongside their greatest work. Their recent sold out concerts across Europe previewed many of these new songs to ecstatic audience responses. The group have managed to preserve their highly distinctive and edgy sound whilst featuring a lyrical outlook that is true to their maturity and perspective - both harshly honest and bleakly humorous. Their first single “Monoculture” typifies this with its furiously catchy hook and fatalistic lyric. "Why don’t I just give up and do myself a favour" Marc announces as he surveys and analyses the spiralling industrial mass in what may be Soft Cell’s first overtly political song. Yet with the band’s unparalleled wit you can dance to it!

Formed in Leeds in 1980, Soft Cell pioneered a hugely influential electronic template that can be heard constantly reverberating in the contemporary music scene. A self-financed EP titled Mutant Moments brought the duo to the attention of Some Bizzare label head Stevo, who enlisted Daniel Miller to produce their underground hit single “Memorabilia” the following year. In 1981 Soft Cell had an enormous international hit with “Tainted Love” which was Britain’s biggest selling single that year. The group followed this with a string of hit singles including “Bedsitter”, “Say Hello Wave Goodbye”, and “Torch”. Their debut album Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret was enormously successful and was followed by the equally popular The Art of Falling Apart whose title accurately predicted the group’s implosion in 1984.

Dave Ball went on to form the hugely successful dance act The Grid whilst producing and re-mixing a bewildering array of artists including Happy Mondays, Pet Shop Boys, Faust, Erasure and David Bowie. Marc formed two acclaimed and popular groups Marc and the Mambas followed by Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners before branching out as a solo artist culminating in his second number one record with “Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart” and a succession of Top 30 singles. He collaborated with Dave on his Tenement Symphony album in 1991, which wetted the appetites of their fans for a reunion. "I always felt it was an unfinished story, and I’m glad we’re able to write another chapter," says Marc. "People have been very positive towards us, and quite excited. Dave and I love working together and we’re having fun, so we’ll just see what happens." Dave adds "As soon as we work together we become Soft Cell, you know?" Dave says. "I don’t know what the magic element is but it just seems to be there."

This was much in evidence at their headline slot at the Homelands Festival where a whole new generation danced to the band’s twisted pulse. The group are planning to tour Europe, America and the Far East later this year whilst LWT have filmed an hour long documentary on the band which will be broadcast in September.

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