Si Schroedar
"COPING MECHANISMS" Irish Release Date May 12, 2006
si schroeder
Irish Release Date May 12, 2006
Distribution: Interactive Music (RMG-Chart)
The Award Winning Indie Irish label TRUST ME I'M A THIEF (The Redneck Manifesto, Jape, Somadrone, Beautiful Unit, Goodtime John) are back with their first major release of 2006
::: See Si SCHROEDER "LIVE" in Crawdaddy, Dublin May 11th, '06 :::
Si Schroeder is a six-foot hairy male biped in his early thirties who makes 'music'. This 'music' generally sounds like classic songs in the Simon & Garfunkel vein mixed with an old recording of a drunken Slovenian orchestra playing backwards through an AC-15. There's a little bit of Africa in there too. And, somewhere within this melange, Si sighs in a soft, whispered voice of love, mental illness, international terrorism, and the problems he has with his homeland.

The reasons for this are varied; Si used to be one half of Schroeder's Cat, a legendary Sonic-Youth/MBV-impersonating act which toured Dublin assiduously in the mid-1990s and released on LA's Emperor Norton. He loves archive recordings of ethnic, folk, trad, jazz and classical music – the older, the better. He also loves sixties pop music and psychedelia. Some electronica and instrumental hip-hop also gets through his radar. And he also has his own thing to say about where we all came from - and where we're going: which, in Si’s case, is somewhere pretty special...

His live shows, previously just solo electronics, then accompanied by the mythical Bryan O'Connell on drums, have now expanded to encompass a full rock band line-up, featuring Kevin Brew of HEADGEAR and THEY DO IT WITH MIRRORS, Jimmy Eadie and Brian Mooney (both ex-THE IDIOTS & INTO PARADISE). In various guises Si Schroeder has blown the PA systems of Dublin, London’s influential Kosmische club, PopKomm Berlin, New York’s IntelFest, and Chicago. Expect toy pianos and toy planes, bleeps and beats (and bleats...) bells and chimes, drones and choirs... and expect to think differently about music, and the world, when you leave.

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