The Minus 5
The Minus 5 (The Gun Album)

The Minus 5 (The Gun Album)
Released 6th February 2006
Featuring members of R.E.M., Wilco, The Decemberists and more

The music collective/cabal known as The Minus 5, headed up by Seattle pop/punk godfather Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows, Tuatura, R.E.M.) is back with a new studio album full of more hooks than a fishing trawler and more musical ideas than you can wrap your head around in a single sitting. Eponymously titled, The Minus 5 themselves have been referring to this as ‘the gun album’; the album cover is simply adorned with the image of a handgun.

This record could not have happened without the superhuman efforts of Scott McCaughey. Even though Mr. McCaughey had the assistance of the usual horde of ragtag bandoleros (see below), it was Scott who hung the notes on the staff, gathered the orchestra (paying triple union scale, out of pocket), set up a microphone, manufactured the recording tape, invented electricity, and provided each participant with a sponge and a marmot. Therefore, regarding this project, it is at Scott McCaughey only that any projectiles or pearls must be hurled.

In the past, scribes have noted that McCaughey (pronounced McCoy) is a crafter of “gorgeously written, infectious, perfectly interpreted takes on the roots of the best ‘60’s pop” (L.A. Times), a songsmith capable of crafting “melodies and lyrics that most songwriters wait a lifetime for” (Interview magazine). McCaughey himself is slightly more circumspect :

“This is the new Minus 5 album. Against all odd, it is perhaps the seventh full-lengther in a career marked primarily by catastrophe, shame and fisticuffs. (Leave triumphs to those that beseech them.) Let the silvery golden music, a vast expanse of X’s and O‘s, or just 0’s and 1’s, reign over you. And if after, you grab yourself a pistol, and put a hole into a bible, just remember: that bible might be in somebody’s coat pocket.”

The Minus 5 (aka The Gun Album) features Scott McCaughey / Peter Buck / Bill Rieflin / John Ramberg / Jeff Tweedy / John Stirratt / Glenn Kotche / Mike Jorgensen / Tucker Jackson / John Moen / Jim Talstra / Eric Lovre / Colin Meloy / John Wesley-Harding / Kelly Hogan / Morgan Fisher / Sean Nelson / Ken Stringfellow

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