with special guests Christa Hughes and Life After Modeling

Friday 12 September 2003
THE SUGAR CLUB (8 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2)
Doors 8pm – tickets €13.50 from the usual outlets.

No beating around the bush… right now, it’s all about a tune called either “Muthafukka On A Motorcycle” or “Muthableepa on a Motorcycle”, depending on whether you’re haunting the club scene or just tuning in on the wireless. In Australia, “Muthafukka On A Motorcycle” (to give the song its correct, uncensored title) launched Machine Gun Fellatio onto the national conscience three years ago. Loved, banned, and then loved even more, MGF have since gone on to establish themselves as one of Australia’s top five grossing live rock acts and sold in excess of 40,000 copies of their debut album “Bring It On” and almost 100,000 copies of last summer’s hit-laden smash “Paging Mr Strike”.

The “Impossible Love EP”, featuring “Muthafukka On A Motorcycle” was released on July 11th this year. Their next UK & Irish release is the single “Rollercoaster” (September). Think Junior Senior crossed with the Electric Six. Think about 90 minutes of solid party tune madness and a girl in a bikini on roller-skates, cart-wheeling around the stage. Then imagine the UK release of “Paging Mr Strike”, the album in October. Think you’re gonna have fun? Too right mate, as all the freaks downunder say.

MGF are… Bryan Ferrysexual (drums)...Somebody in this band has to have rhythm. Somebody in this band has to have good looks, charm and a penchant for faux-fur. And that somebody is Bryan Ferrysexual. He's tall, dark and hard-hitting, and swears he's no relation to the drummer Ryan Ferrysexual...Christa Hughes (vocals, keyboards, guitar)...Christa Hughes aka Ruby Mounds aka KK Juggy aka Leggy Mountbatten - multi-named, mega-talented, world-travelled, many-faceted, mutha-fukka'd, motor-cycled… the star of stage and screen, the walking one-woman show, the beer-drinkin' woman who has everything plus a little bit more...Chit Chat von Loopin Stab plays: keys, knobs, dials, loops, stabs, vocals. If it's got bells and whistles and little coloured lights, then Chit-Chat's on it. He can't help himself. Life is a poker-machine. Chit Chat is also responsible for three grossly underrated porn films: Sasha and Amber's Hardcore Holiday, OZ VR, and Fisting by the Pool. Chit Chat as a child was found abandoned in the back room of a strip-club, and subsequently raised by a fluffer and a gimp. The Love Shark plays: excrutiatingly loud guitar, bass, bv's. The Love Shark is exciting and new. An amateur biochemistry enthusiast, his day is a constant struggle to find the right mix of chemicals for his bio. Concerned for the environment, The Love Shark says: "Stop the whales shitting in our oceans." Pinky Beecroft plays: keys, pads, main vocals, mindgames. Generally acknowledged as the cunt of the band. Pinky is a recluse who never quite makes it home. Previous bands: "I spent my adolescence doing gigs with Tim Freedman but I left so he could become rich and famous." Three K Short plays: guitar, slide, wah, knobs, dials, loops, finger-bells. Bald boy for love, Three K is at home in the control-room, where the long arm of the Law can't quite reach him. Composed and produced the soundtrack for the film Soul Sucker, as well as the soundtrack for several TVC's. Three K was rarely allowed to play with the other children, because he frightened them. The Widow Jones - vocals, keyboards: the Venusian supermodel, fresh from outer space, the soul sister, the slinkmistress, the voice of Aretha trapped in Rebecca de Mornay's body. How did she get here? How can we make her stay? She's black, she's white, she's true local produce...

What the press says about MACHINE GUN FELLATIO

"Machine Gun Fellatio fit more sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll into 50 minutes than The Rolling Stones have in their 40-year career" RIP IT UP

"Effortless eccentricity that leaves you feeling fantastic" JUICE MAGAZINE

"Guarantees to send shivers up your spine" THE SUNDAY TIMES

"Paging Mr. Strike, is an astute, if wildly divergent, collection of tunes that flits from genre to genre, but is nonetheless cohesive" THE AGE

"Offers nourishing slices of silly, sexy fun to appeal to the twisted sense of humour lurking in all of us" SX PRESS

"This is just another stepping stone in the eventual plan of Machine Gun Fellatio world domination" X PRESS

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Sydney's Machine Gun Fellatio release their insane(ly) catchy, scratchy, weirdly irresistible, debut UK/Ireland EP, 'Impossible Love' on June 27th

Machine Gun Fellatio, an oddball rock / dance crossover pop outfit, comprising five guys and two gals, have already sold over 150,000 albums in Australia.

Lead track 'Mutha Fukka On A Motorcycle' has already been a huge hit 'Down Under', where more enlightened stations such as Sydney's Triple J Radio Station got away with playing it on air, after being deluged with calls to 'play that motherfucking song by the fellatio band'. All five tracks on 'Impossible Love EP' are indeed gems of nuttiness from this brand new band of genre-skipping goofball popsters.

Machine Gun Fellatio are set to play live in the UK and Ireland in September, when they release their second EP, with their debut album due in October on Doublethink Records, through Vital Distribution.

For more information contact:
Stevo Berube at Berube Communications on (01) 476 3603 or 087 244 2695


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