Killing Joke “XXV Gathering: Let Us Prey”
KILLING JOKE -To reissue two classic albums
Killing Joke
“XXV Gathering: Let Us Prey”

Released 25th October 2005
Cooking Vinyl

To mark the 25th anniversary of their turbulent and sometimes colourful career, Killing Joke release XXV Gathering: Let Us Prey, a live album to rock you to your very souls!

15 classic tracks with all the velocity, emotion and rawness you expect chronicling the band’s rich musical wealth! Recorded live at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Feb 25th 2005, this album is a true testament to Killing Joke’s unmistakable splendid melodic legacy.

Having just picked up a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award at this years Kerrang! Awards, the band have cemented their place in rock history. They were presented this award by none other than Mr Dave Grohl himself who is a huge fan of the band and even played drums on their last album. Other such renowned fans are H.I.M, Metallica, Fear Factory and Marilyn Manson.

Who’s having the last laugh now?


To reissue two classic albums in July
“Pandemonium” and “Democracy”
On Cooking Vinyl Records


Killing Joke, who were recently described as “the most devastating live experience on earth” (Classic Rock), will be reissuing two albums on 15th July – “Pandemonium” (1994) and “Democracy” (1996). Both albums have been re-mastered and contain bonus tracks *.

Pandemonium, one of the band’s biggest selling albums to date, was recorded and mixed during the spring, summer and autumn of 1994 in York Studios, New Zealand (which Coleman co-owns) and Youth’s Butterfly studios in Brixton, and saw Killing Joke returning after a 4 year hiatus with a new/old line-up. The album featured drumming by Geoff Dugmore (not a full-time band member) and vocal tracks recorded in the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Fusing sheer intensity, alongside fierce power and inventiveness, Killing Joke enjoyed their greatest success as the song Millennium received major airplay on US radio stations.

Following the release of Pandemonium, Coleman retreated to Sedona, Arizona where the first seeds for Democracy were sown. The album features the immense Democracy, Prozac People a poetic statement of denial inspired by the 18 months Coleman spent on the drug while being treated for depression and Aeon, an eight minute, hypnotic adrenalin borne gale of chorded guitars. Full tracklistings as follows :

Pandemonium (COOKCD344) Democracy (COOKCD345)
1. Pandemonium 1. Savage Freedom
2. Exorcism 2. Democracy
3. Millennium 3. Prozac People
4. Communion 4. Lanterns
5. Black Moon 5. Aeon
6. Labryinth 6. Pilgrimage
7. Jana 7. Intellect
8. Whiteout 8. Medicine Wheel
9. Pleasures of The Flesh 9. Absent Friends
10. Mathematics of Chaos 10. Another Bloody Election
11. Pandemonium remix* 11. Democracy (Russia Tundra mix)*
12. Another Cult Goes Down (Portobello Mix) *    

Killing Joke has been citied as an influence by the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Slipknot and Tool. They are currently recording a new album, which is due for release in August 2005.

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