Johnny Dowd
Johnny Dowd Cemetery Shoes Munich Records - through RMG-Chart Irish Release MARCH 19, 2004
Wire Flowers
Johnny Dowd..The Pawnbroker's Wife
Johnny Dowd
Cemetery Shoes
Munich Records - through RMG-Chart
Irish Release MARCH 19, 2004
01. Sunshine 07. Dear John
02. Garden of Delight 08. Easter Sunday
03. Far Away as Death 09. Christmas is Just Another Day
04. Rest In Peace 10. Dylan’s Coat
05. Wedding Day 11. Rip Off
06. Shipwreck    
In classic Johnny Dowd tradition the newest record, Cemetery Shoes, was produced and engineered by Johnny himself in the Zolar Moving Company office in the spring and summer of 2003. Joining him once more are Brian Wilson on drums, Justin Asher on guitar. And while he’ll likely never be asked to sing the National Anthem at the opening game of the season at Yankee Stadium, it’s remarkably accessible and upbeat. With themes ranging from the noble art of butchery to gender confusion it’s delivered with the irreverence and charming beligerance which have become his trademark. Recent performances at the Dutch Crossing Border and the London Way Beyond Nashville festivals added a new dimension to his performance repertoire, solo with film and spoken word. And just when you think you’ve got him figured out.
Cemetary Shoes is the sixth in a line of critically acclaimed albums including last years limited edition release, Wire Flowers. Sylvie Simmons says in Uncut, “Dowd sings like a serial killer trapped in a vaccuum cleaner,” according to Paul Du Noyer he ”sounds like the unregenerate voice of a real place and not a marketing concept.” The Independent would have you believe his songs are “like hundred proof rot-gut moonshine” and Time-Out calls him the scariest, uh. . . fellow on the block. Who am I to argue?

wire flowers

In the Winter of 1996, I retreated into a small room to write and record songs on my four-track. Many of those recordings found a home on my first album, "Wrong Side Of Memphis." The rest are here. Different versions of some of the songs are on "Pictures From Life's Other Side,' and The Pawnbroker's Wife," - but what you'll find here are the original bad seeds.
- Johnny Dowd

Like Cain and Thompson's anti-heroes, Dowd's characters are from the dark end of the street:poor, simple-folk stumbling into disaster as they pursue a dim, distant glint of happiness, or slipping into despair as they realise how they've wasted their lives. . .
The Independant

Dowd's home-made solo debut was as scary a slice of gothic country blues as you'll encounter. ... His strangled, howling voice, a cross between a prophet and a serial killer, is able to roam over wider musical ground. . . MOJO

Over a spartan home-recorded mixture of distorted Delta blues, old country and eerie folk, he unfolds his taut, first person tales of the wages of sin with a compelling blend of preacher's intensity and resigned world-weariness. . . Q

"Dowd is the dark side of Americana-crushed, ordinary folk who have long been beaten by life and love. . .The Guardian

limited pressing. limited release

.wire flowers. the pawnbroker's wife. monkey run.
.i see horses. black rain. judgment day. ain't got a dime. .rockefeller eyes. just because.rolling and tumbling trilogy. .woody guthrie blues. the butcher's son. a change of heart.


The Pawnbroker’s Wife

The Pawnbroker’s Wife may well be Johnny Dowd’s most accessible record to date. But don’t let that fool you, the wholesome facade only manages to faintly obscure the despair that lurks beneath. New and old fans alike will be drawn to the “softer” side of Johnny yet his ability to expose the underbelly of the American dream remains intact. Johnny seamlessly segues from hopeless romantic to in your face schizophrenic profecies of ground-dwelling madmen. And if that wasn’t enough there’s also a rendition of everyone’s favorite Christmas classic, “Jingle Bells” sure to be a hit at your next yuletide feast.


Kim Sherwood-Caso is once again featured, her delicate vocals offsetting Johnny’s dark rumble of a voice like a psychedelic Lee Hazelwood and Ann-Margret in the song “Sleeping In The Grass.” Brian Wilson is on drums as well as bass pedals, synth, tambourine, organ, cabasa, cowbell and gongs. Justin Asher plays bass, organ, melodica, conga, cowbell, drill gun and tin whistle.

Look for Johnny on two compilation releases in the near future. An alternative version of Judgement day will be featured on the upcoming Bloodshot release, “The Executioner’s Last Songs,” and “Sleeping in the Grass,” will be featured on a Lee Hazelwood tribute.

01. I Love You
02. Rose Tattoo
03. Monkey Run
04. On Shakey Ground We Stand
05. Billy Blu
06. Virginia Beach
07. Judgement Day
08. Jingle Bells
09. Separate Beds
10. Sweeter Than Honey
11. King Of Emptiness
12. Woody Guthrie Blues
13. True Love
14. Sleeping In The Grass

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