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'Love Girl' The Fantastic New Single By Doctor Millar
  'Love Girl'
The Fantastic New Single By Doctor Millar
Release date: 7th February 2003

Dr Millar is verging on long overdue major chart success when he releases 'Love Girl', 2.55 min of pure pop magnificence, together with the classic and controversial track 'St Stephen'- taken from his award winning first Album "The Bitter Lie" - and the beautiful 'Donna Quixote' taken from his magnificent second album "The Deal".

The single is a precursor to the release a sort of " Best Of Dr Millar" album entitled "Tarzan's Ambition" which contain many of the best of his recordings from his three solo albums plus a couple of tracks form the early " 'cute hoor" days.

The album will also feature three brilliant new songs in the more populist style of "Love Girl " giving an indication of the new direction that life and music are leading him in. Our bold Doctor will record a new album, before the year is out, in this new style.

This single release also marks a watershed in the career of Dr Millar- where he again teams up with his original manager and friend Robert Stephenson to finally release his records internationally - starting with the 'Love Girl' single and 'Tarzan's Ambition'.

'Love Girl' the brilliant new single from Dr Millar is released on February 7th on Treasure Island Records. 'Tarzan's Ambition' is released on February 21st on Treasure Island Records.



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