“Heaven” Irish Release Date: October 18, 2002

  DJ SAMMY and Yanou featuring Do
“Heaven” Irish Release Date: October 18, 2002
Data Records / Ministry of Sound
Distribution RMG-Chart

Following on from 8 million records sold in Europe and 3 number 1s DJ Sammy, (now with Yanou featuring Do) and ‘Heaven’ has achieved Top 5 success across Europe and Australia and smashed the Top 5 in the U.S. Billboard charts.

‘Heaven’ lures you in with layers of synths and leads you into that an easy to love, warm, sun-kissed harmony with lush acoustic guitars and even castanets. Under the spell, it only takes a couple of bars before Do’s shimmering vocals make it impossible for a PR trying to avoid using the word ‘angelic’ in their efforts.

If the refrain sounds familiar, it’s because ‘Heaven’ was a massive hit for Bryan Adams back in the mid–80’s - but beware of draping this “re-release” in cynicism. DJ Sammy and Bryan are in close contact and Bryan personally asked Sammy to remix his next single and to produce for him in the future. More evidence, if needed, of the phenomena that is DJ Sammy can be found….After signing DJ Sammy for an £1 million pound deal, the president of Universal Germany flew Mariah Carey out to meet Sammy at his studio in Majorca – to get his advice on vocals and production for her new album.

The global success of ‘Heaven’ has been astonishing with particular respect given to the American plaudits. A Number 2 single and Number 8 position in the famous Hot 100, plus almost blanket playlisting on conservative US Radio – gaining the record a Top 5 Airplay Chart position along with a host of optimum club chart positions have allowed DJ Sammy to drink from the elixir of State-side success that eludes so many. The track has been so successful it’s made some parts of North America evocative of DJ Sammy’s sun drenched home back in Majorca. It was there that he developed his distinct sound and the techno monster ‘The Judgement’ which became the unofficial anthem to Berlin’s 1999 Love Parade and saw European chart success as DJ Sammy feat. Charisma during the early 90’s. Step forward almost a decade and DJ Sammy wants to take the microcosm of European success and give the global perspective a macro proportion.

Is the UK ready for ‘Heaven’? I should think so - the track has already burst into the Top Ten on the BOX Chart and straight in at Number 1 on the Cool Cuts Chart. This sound has traversed oceans with unequalled success and, with an album of the same name just around the corner, the UK has already taken the first step on the stairway to…

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