"Fort Recovery" Irish Release 28 April 2006 on Cooking Vinyl
CENTRO-MATIC - LOVE YOU JUST THE SAME - Irish release date Sept-13
"Fort Recovery"
Irish Release 28 April 2006 on Cooking Vinyl
Friday 28 April sees the release of "Fort Recovery", Centro-matic's first album for Cooking Vinyl. "Fort Recovery" was recorded last September and the twelve tracks were taken from a session of twenty eight recorded. The UK/European release includes three brand new bonus tracks unavailable to the USA.

Chief singer and songwriter, Will Johnson, has been highly prolific over the bands last ten years making this the eight Centro-matic album (4th release in Europe). In that time, Will has also written and recorded three South San Gabriel records and two solo albums as well playing something like 1200 live gigs. Centro-matic, oft compared to the likes of the Replacements, The Flaming Lips and Neil Young, is Will Johnson's outlet for the bands "bombastic fizz laden rock songs", where on the other hand South San Gabriel is for their dreamy alt.country laden tracks.

Patterson Hood, lead Trucker of the Drive By Truckers, has these choice words to say about the new album: "Centro-matic's music comes on like a sound from a distant dream, something new, yet unmistakably familiar. Clear images adding up to something a little vague, but in such a comforting way. Their music is somehow like something I heard in my head as a child, yet I know I didn't. I find myself singing along with their songs the first time I hear them. They're the best live band in America and know how to make great records. Bunches of them, they're prolific as hell, yet some how they keep getting better."

"At any rate, Fort Recovery is my favourite Centro-matic album. My favourite album by my favourite band. That's a beautiful thing that I hope to never outgrow. One of life's pleasures. When I was in fifth grade my favourite band was Pink Floyd and my favourite album was Dark Side of the Moon, at fifteen it was Bruce Springsteen and Darkness on the Edge of Town. At one point The Replacements Tim held that position. Big Star's Radio City hovers around there somewhere and lord knows I love plenty of Neil Young and Bob Dylan records."

"Centro-matic is my favourite band that is still vital and intact. Their brand new album is their best yet. My un-mastered cd-r copy is honestly my favourite new album of the past five years. I have listened to it several times a day for five weeks straight and like those great masterpieces of old I still find new things to love at every listen. Centro-matic's Fort Recovery is a masterpiece and I don't use that word often."

"Fort Recovery" was recorded in Denton Texas at Matt Pence's Echo Lab studio where the likes of American Music Club, Jay Farrar have produced albums. Matt has also has taken all the photos for Centro-mastic. Centro-matic will soon be hitting these shores this coming May for festival and club dates


MRCD 245 0742451024524
Irish release date Sept-13

1. the mighty midshipman 8. picking up too fast
2. flashes and cables 9. spiraling sideways
3. argonne limit co. 10. Supercar
4. biology tricks 11. silver plate complaints
5. strahan has corralled the freaks 12. breathe deep, not loud
6. all the lightning rods 13. without you
7. reset anytime    

Veering from tattered, haunting folk dirges that sound like they wafted in directly from On the Beach to brutally catchy skronk anthems the likes of which have made Centro-matic the most reliably kick-ass live band in the Lone Star state, Love You Just the Same (named after one of the Johnson anthems that didn't make the cut) doesn't let up until the breathy ooh's of its towering closer „Without You‰ have melted into silence. Distressed drums splatter up against the speakers, guitars whisper and roar, organs moan, pianos explode. And Johnson raises his voice over it all like a weather-beaten flag as his lyrics loosen from bunched knots of surreal verbiage into the catchiest and most affecting reel of la la la's since Tears for Fears first sent you Head Over Heels. Each and every song on Love You Just the Same boasts Centro-matic's particular uncanny combination of emotional urgency and pop accessibility, each is an obtuse indie koan and an arena-rock fist-pumper rolled into four perfect minutes.

Press for “Distance and Clime”

-Centro-Matic hum with soothing melancholy and a gorgeous ensemble sound. - Q
-One of the best bands in the state puts out its best album yet.- Austin Chronicle
-“Latest LP Distance and Clime is a perfect point to wade into the flood.” – Nick Hasted, Uncut compilation

Press for “All The Falsest Hearts Can Try”

-American bedroom indie where acoustic and feedback lie happily together. - Uncut
-It’s hard not to imagine genuine freak-pop geniuses lurking in the shadows of every garage in America. But that’s suggest that there’s nothing remarakable about Johnson’s heartmelting fractured melodicism. And that’d be very wrong indeed. - New Music Express

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