BENT Stay The Same Irish Release Date: 13th June 2003
BENT - ‘The Everlasting Blink’
Stay The Same
Irish Release Date: 13th June 2003
Label: Sport/Ministry of Sound Recordings (RMG-Chart)
Cat. No: SPORT9P1

"Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends!" So spake the mighty Emerson Lake & Palmer back in the prog-addled mists of the '70s. And it also applies here to sonic physicians Bent, whose new single 'Stay The Same' you will no doubt be fingering in an excited, anticipatory manner, right now.

Following their majestic second album 'The Everlasting Blink' and
sparkling satellite single 'Magic Love', those Bent geezers have decided to share another slice of their beautiful, bountiful electronic pie with everybody in
the whole world.

With 'Stay The Same', Bent have managed another astounding feat of alchemy, sampling '70s brace-twanger David Essex and in the process making him sound rather like a Lazyitis era Shaun Ryder. Cripes!! The mood is melancholy yet uplifting, Essex's voice swathed in haunting electro-sumptuousness on a bouncy mattress of pneumatic bass and beats. And that's not all, not by a long chalk! In addition to the original we are treated to a pair of really rather splendid mixes from Tony Senghore and Themroc. Senghore's 'Horehaus Vocal Remix' is seriously massive, a huge dancefloor classic in the making from this up-and-coming fresh talent - so much so that it takes pride of place on the A-side. Themroc's mix is also striking, being a stripped down, bass-dominated monster rejigging of the original.

So hey. Don't change. Bent love you just the way you are, so why not 'Stay
The Same'?

Tracklisting 12":
A1. Tony Senghore's Horehaus Vocal Remix
B1. Themroc Remix
B2. Original

  BENT - ‘The Everlasting Blink’
Irish Release 7 March 2003
Ministry of Sound

‘The Everlasting Blink’ can be seen as an evolution of, rather than a departure from, their lush, advert-friendly album ‘Programmed To Love’ (Bent enjoyed 3 sync deals in December 2002 alone!); this time featuring surprising but ultimately genius collaborations with David Essex on ‘Stay The Same’, fleeting Seventies pop icons Captain and Tenille on the Balearic beauty ‘Magic Love’, The Beloved’s Jon Marsh singing sweet as a bird on ‘Beautiful Otherness’, and Billie Jo Spears on the country hoedown of ‘So Long Without You’, not to mention BJ Cole’s legendary pedal steel guitar twangs and Nail’s newfound talent on the drums.
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