Angel City
Angel City “Touch Me” Released June 14th 2004
Angel City ‘Love Me Right’ DATA RECORDS Irish Release Date: October 24th
  Angel City (featuring Lara McAllen)
“Touch Me”
Released June 14th 2004 on Ministry Of Sound (Interactive Music / RMG-Chart)

Debut single ‘Love Me Right’ spent 5 weeks in the top 40, peaked at No.11 in the charts and has sold nearly 50 000 copies
“All chunky chords, neat melodies and big, warm-hearted vocals” Heat Magazine

Angel City follow up the success of their debut smash hit ‘Love Me Right’ with a remake of the Cathy Dennis hit ‘Touch Me’, which peaked at No.2 in 1991 and also topped the US charts.

“It’s a little more commercial than ‘Love Me Right’,” explains 21 year old vocalist and former Shakira backing singer Lara McAllen. “It’s a really radio-friendly sing-along dance track. I remembered it from the first time round when it was a big hit for Cathy Dennis. We’ve completely re-vamped it and updated the sound. It’s about how a woman feels about a man when she imagines being with him…y’know what I mean!”

Angel City comprises 21 year old Lara and an array of different producers. “But,” she says, “this time round I’ve got six dancers with me. It’ll be like having a family round me. I’ve been doing loads of PA’s and the song has gone down well so hopefully it’ll do even better than the last one!”

Lara, born and brought up in Guildford, appreciates more than most how incredible it is to have fulfilled her lifetime ambitions. All she ever wanted was to become a professional singer and dancer, but she was born with a rare physical condition: “I had a dislocated left hip and spent a lot of my childhood in hospital undergoing treatment. At first it looked like I might never be able to walk properly, but by the time I was four the splints came off. By the time I was six I insisted I wanted to learn to dance!”

At the age of 18 she was onto even bigger things: “I started doing some sessions, and then got the gig touring with Shakira in the UK as a backing singer/dancer. That was a great experience - performing with her on Top of The Pops and CD:UK – but the highlight was definitely at Party in the Park. It was being on stage in front of thousands of people that made me realize I wanted to do my own thing.”

Promptly spotted by Ministry Of Sound, she was soon fronting Angel City. And as for the rest of 04? “I’m currently in the studio working on my debut album - we’re about half way through recording it, and are working with hit songwriter/producers Grammy winner Bruce Elliot-Smith (Kylie), Phil Larson and Pete Hammond. It’s coming out at the end of August – so buy it!”

Who could resist?

  Angel City
‘Love Me Right’
Irish Release Date: October 24th

‘Love Me Right’ is the latest release from the label that brought us the No.1 smash ‘Loneliness’ by Tomcraft and Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ earlier this summer.

‘Love Me Right’ is based upon the hit single by Ready For The World called ‘Oh Sheila’, which topped the USA R ‘n’ B and pop charts in the summer of 1985 and was subsequently a huge radio hit .

The track was then remade as ‘Love Me Right’ by two Dutch producers in 1998, which in turn was bootlegged late last year and was embraced by the northern club scene. That’s when Liverpool based Ministry joint venture Boss Records stepped in.

Since then the track has been passed onto Data Records and totally remade using vocals from Lara McAllen, who featured in the Stuart track ‘Now I’m Free’ released earlier in the year on Incentive Records. Vocal producers Bruce Elliot Smith and Pete Hammond were witness to McAllen’s performance on ‘Now I’m Free’ and decided that she was the one for ‘Love Me Right’. The Bass Bumpers Music Group from Germany are responsible for the production on the finished track.

A plethora of mixes are available too. For you trance heads out there Smith & Pledger and Judge Jules favourite Seraque have provided us with a couple. Germany’s Krystal K have leant their hand and delivered a couple of floor rocking, bass driven house / electro mixes and Rezonance Q back up the original mix for the more commercial floors.

With it’s pseudo 80s sound, ‘Love Me Right’ will have you hooked by the end of your first listen and there’s no doubt that you’ll be hearing a lot more of this one over the weeks to come.

‘Love Me Right’ by Angel City is out on Data Records in Ireland on October 24th.

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