ALOUD – "Bob O’Lean" Out on Ministry of Sound / Open (Interactive Music / RMG-Chart)
Aloud ‘The 3’s Up EP’ We Rock Released November 17th
  ALOUD – "Bob O’Lean"
Out on Ministry of Sound / Open (Interactive Music / RMG-Chart)

Aloud join forces with Ministry of Sound’s brand new artist imprint Open, to bring you the delectable Parisian phunk of ‘Bob O’Lean’.

Remixes comes courtesy of Armand Van Helden, who returns from a two year hiatus to offer Aloud a funky stateside remix. Play Paul, who runs the original through a hand turned electro-mangle, transforming it into a nightmarish cavalcade of bleeps and growls, nodding to Moroder and Dead or Alive along the way. Serge Santiago, formerly one-half of Radio Slave, who’s remixed everyone from Timberlake to Benassi, has also added his magic touch to ‘Bob O’Lean’, stripping the original down to the bare bones.

“The track’s all about an enigmatic character called Bob O’Lean” explain the Gallic duo of Cyril Bodin and Greg Louis. “Basically this guy’s losing his mind,” Cyril explains mysteriously. “He had everything he’d every wanted, sex, sun, everything - but then he starts to realise that something crucial is missing.”


‘The 3’s Up EP’
We Rock
Released November 17th

On November 17th Gallic gigolos Aloud follow up their acclaimed ‘Tracklifting EP’ with ‘3’s Up’ – a discotheque blend of hirsute rock god and fur-coat-pimp-funk swagger.

Sex & Sun Pt III’s kicks starts proceedings, building gradually through syncopated wails and Moroder-style synth lines into a multi-layered rump-shaker - hypnotic, elevating and lip-smackingly funky.

Rocky XIII is an ode to Sly Stallone’s rags-to-riches character of our childhoods, its heroic chords and majestic 80s-flavoured vocal are balanced with harsher aggressive percussion and sound effects.

Scots rock-slayer Mylo steps up for remix duties, softening the vocal and lacing his Cure-esque electech-bassline with hints of Grandmaster Flash, New Order and even Jellybean Benitez.

Aloud comprise of vocalist Cyril Bodin and producer/composer Gregory Louis [make sure you rrroll the r’s], both born and bred in the city of love, and now living in the notoriously creative 17th District home to acts like Daft Punk, Modjo and Buffalo Bunch.

“Everybody knows everybody else in this city,” exlains Cyril. “I first met Greg in about 1996 through our mutual friend Romain Seo from the Buffalo Bunch.” After hitting it off, they soon realised that they shared not only the same friends but also a vision, and formed Aloud in 2000.

The unique ‘Aloud sound’ stems from a plethora of influences ranging from Greg’s innate passion for soul [“my mum played Songs in the Key of Life non-stop when she was pregnant”] to Cyril’s tight-trousered idols Steve Tyler and Soundgarden/Audio slave frontman Chris Cornell. That and the fact that it’s entirely recorded on the most analogue kit you can imagine with not a sample in sight.

“Our sound is all about mixtures,” Cyril elaborates. “We’ve just finished our album, which roughly mirrors the life of a fictional character called Bob O’Lean. It follows him from birth to death, with some sex, sun and a descent into madness thrown in for good measure.”

So on November 17th dust off your leathers cos’ it’s time for Harleys on the dancefloor as Aloud release ‘The 3’s Up Ep’ on We Rock. Be on the look out for the debut album out in the New Year.

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