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THE ULTRA MONTANES "Dirty Blood Saved Our Town"
"Dirty Blood Saved Our Town" (EP)
Featuring the Radio Hit "Sterilised"
Out Feb. 10th
Dublin-based band the Ultra Montanes have spent the last couple of years in dank windowless rooms stripping and rebuilding their sound, this process has led them into some pretty strange places both sonically and personally. Over time dozens of songs were written and then discarded, experiments were conducted endless arguments raged, but throughout it all the original line up stayed together, even growing by one member. The addition of Keyboard / synth player Matija Kert as a full time member opened up new worlds of sound and moods, thought the Montanes’ noise remained, just as, well, noisy… For a band that has always loved electricity it can only be good news to have one more thing to plug in!

So with the release of the EP “Dirty Blood Saved Our Town” The Ultra Montanes are finally ready to emerge from the basement in to the bright lights once again!!

Tracks: 1) Speedwalker 2) I Don't Care 3) Sterlised 4) Staring Back at You

The Line Up:
Vocals: Rory.
Guitar: Ray.
Keys/ Synth: Matija.
Bass: Pat.
Drums: Connnolly.
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