Doug Sheridan
"Ghost For You"
Out May 9th, '08 through SONIC AUDIO SOURCE
The first single from the upcoming album "Songs From Just Outside The House"

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In mid 2008 Doug Sheridan releases his first album 'Songs From Just Outside The House'. It was recorded & mixed over 15 days at Sonic Eye Studios, Dublin. "The album is loosely based on a few people in a small town. It's from their perspective. Most of them are broken people I suppose. It's what they might say if they were asked how they really feel about things"

The album came about when Doug's brother introduced him to producer Rob Mac Leod. "I'd heard some stuff Rob had recorded and we talked about the kind of album I was going for. It was an intense 15 days but it turned out really well I think. I'm very proud of it. It wasn't about getting everything in tune or in time, just about getting a feeling across & I think we got that"

REVIEWS - Sound + Vison "Griffiti" Dec 2007 - Songs From Just Outside The House is one Doug says is written from the perspective of " a few people in a small town" which he describes mostly as "broken people". With a sound reminiscent of well known singer-songwriters Tom Baxter and Jeff Buckley, this album features ten beautifully written songs, all pegged by Sheridan himself. Rich with raw emotion and poignant lyrics from start to finish, it takes you on a musical journey through hope, heartbreak and despair. Accompanied by a set of beautiful melodies, the depth of these emotions is well evident throughout the album, in tracks such as lead single The Shakes, as well as the truly magnificent I Knew I Wouldn't Sleep Tonight. Equally beautiful are the Hanlon's Lane and Wait A While - Sheridan's vocals are at their most haunting. The album's bittersweet final track There's the Sun is perhaps the ultimate post-break-up song, in which Sheridan sends his listener off with true heart-rending lyrics. This album is hopefully only the first of many offerings from this amazingly talented artist – GA

HOTPRESS – March 2008 - 'The Shakes' is the first single from Sheridan's debut album, Songs from Just Outside the House' and it promises much. A solid acoustic ballad that showcases the singer-songwriter's strengths well, it sounds like a slower stripped-down version that Tom Petty might produce on a good day. B-side 'Some Place You'd Rather Be' confirms its not a fluke and the album should be worth checking out. – Steven Errity

Songs From Just Outside The House Out May 30th.

Songs by Doug Sheridan
Produced by Robert Macleod
Engineered by Ruth Kennington and Robert Macleod

Doug Sheridan: Vocals, Guitars, Drums and Mandolin
Gordon Sheridan: Bass
Robert Macleod: Piano, Keyboards and programming
Turlough Gunawardhana: Cello.
Recorded at Sonic Eye Studios, Dublin 8
Thanks to: The Sheridans, Byrnes, O’Mahonys, Readys, Bohans, Dalys, Kaners, Packers, Reids, Gillooleys and Haynes.
Special Thanks to: Gordon Sheridan, Graham Sheridan, Mark Ready and Owen O'Mahony
Thanks also to Jimmy Scanlon, 'Sound Gear' Music, Dublin



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