Ain - 'Close To Cotton'
'Close To Cotton'
Tanuki Tanuki (Pinnacle)
“Close To Cotton” is now available to order for download on December 8th 2007.
The CD is available on January 25th 2008.

“Imagine a skinny white indie kid tackling the Delta blues of Mississippi John Hurt ... Amazing.” ~ NME November 2007
Ain would prefer to summarise this biography with a simple, “pfff…,” describe his music as “songs in the key of D” and leave it at that – here is some extra.

Ain is from Kildare, Ireland. He came to Dublin as a teenager, started a band with some friends, called The Opiates. “Once described as ‘droney, shoegazers’ or something to that effect, but I don’t think we really were. At that stage, I think we just wanted to be Sonic Youth.”

Fast forward a couple of years and the desire to be Thurston Moore has since been subsided, to be replaced by a bevy of influences – the most rooted of which stem from the deep south delta blues of Mississippi John Hurt, Walter Tangle Eye Jackson and the like. Imagine the haunting howls of Skip James on “Devil Got My Woman,” invoked today with all relevance in tact. This is the skewd folk-blues of Ain’s laments.

It is from the Delta blues and a host of other influences from My Bloody Valentine through Mazzy Star to Suicide, that Ain’s off-kilter, Folk-Blues emerged. His song writing treads a path between the raw, beauty of Will Oldham and the depraved solace of Elliott Smith - “I like the idea of finding comfort in the appeal of bad things, depraved things… And it goes well with the themes of death, boredom and well… girls”.

Ain took his EKO guitar to London Town and earlier this summer, entered 2Khz Studio with Ian Grimble in West London and the result is the gloriously understated, six-track mini-album, 'Close To Cotton'.

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