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Whipping Boy
Re-Mastered & Re-Released in Ireland May 12th on Whipping Boy Recordings
Distributed By RMG-Chart

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May 12th sees the much anticipated re-release of Whipping Boy's first album Submarine, a lost gem of an album that has been long deleted and hidden in the shadow of the band's second album Heartworm. Originally released back in 1992 on Liquid, Submarine had been deleted for over ten years with fans trading inferior bootlegs since its untimely disappearance. After securing the rights to Submarine, the band were quite keen to remaster it and give it the proper release it deserves. Supporting Submarine's re-release, the band have gone back to the grass roots and have been touring Ireland extensivley finishing up in Dublin's VICAR STREET on April 29th. Much heavier and darker than it's Heartworm counterpart, Submarine is a perfect snapshot of a band on the rise. Featuring essential songs such as Safari, Snow, and Favourite Sister, Whipping Boy's first album is now properly receiving the acclaim it so richly deserves!

Tracklisting: Safari, Beatle, Sushi, Favourite Sister, Astronaut Blues, Bettyclean, Buffalo, Snow, Valentine 69 and Submarine, this is a must-have for Whipping Boy fans.

Apr 7th 2006, Spirit Store, Dundalk
Apr 8th 2006, Spirit Store, Dundalk
Apr 21st 2006, The Music Factory, Carlow
Apr 29th 2006, Vicar Street, Dublin




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  WHIPPING BOY - Biography

It happens about as regularly as a sighting of Halley's Comet - a band of luminous distinction streaks away from the mediocre herd and, fuelled by a combination of 10-ton talent and ferocious self-belief, triumphs over impossible odds and heads straight for the stars.

Dublin four-piece Whipping Boy is just such a band.

Their debut album for Sony (Columbia), "Heartworm" (certified gold in Ireland), recorded at the end of 1994 with producer Warne Livesey featured first single "Twinkle" (voted Single of the Week in Melody Maker, Hot Press, Music Week and on BBC Radio 1) and a second single, "We Don't Need Nobody Else". The album is a blend of heart-heaving emotionalism, visceral savagery and brutal sensuality that distils the single sublime moments of Joy Division, Sonic Youth, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Bowie and a whole host of classical composers into violently personal mini-dramas. It's a brave big-hearted sound.

Singer Fearghal McKee described "Heartworm" as "full of tenderness, brute force, hate, triumph and humility. That's basically what most people find throughout their day," he reasons, "throughout their week, throughout their lives. There's a time to be everything and a time to be nothing." Fearghal is the vocal and spiritual link between Ian Curtis and Van Morrison, and it's his charismatic performances that quickly grabbed the attention of the press when the band first appeared. Fearghal has cut himself on stage before with broken bottles, appeared with his face swathed in clingfilm, sung from atop a ladder and stripped bollock-naked mid-song, but this isn't cynically calculated, cheap-thrills theatre, it's Ferghal's way of saying he has nothing to hide. He'd do the same in front of five people or five thousand people, because Whipping Boy's songs take him over, pushing him to a darkly exhilarating special place.

As anybody who witnessed the band's seminal performances on Later With Jools Holland and The Late Late Show will know, these same Whipping Boy songs are very much a combined effort with guitarist Paul Page, bassist Myles McDonnell and drummer Colm Hassett supplying the sonic maelstrom that powers their songs. This is a band for which anything and everything could have happened (and will again!)

"Heartworm" was hailed as one of the albums of 1995 in publications like Vox, Melody Maker, Q, Select, Hot Press and Music Week. Various singles nudged the UK Top 50 and several European countries (notably France) succumbed to the group's sound. Whipping Boy completed a European Tour with Lou Reed as well as headlining tours of their own in the UK, the last of which culminated in a sold-out show at London's Astoria venue.

The story of Whipping Boy is consistent with the deluge of nearly-made-it stories which have become part of rock folklore. Hailed by music critics in 1995 as the best thing to emerge from Dublin since U2, problems with their record label and the general indifference of the public has led to the premature and sad demise of a uniquely powerful band.

Formed in the late 1980s with Fearghal McKee on vocals, Myles McDonnell on bass, Paul Page on guitars and Colm Hassett on drums, Whipping Boy released their debut LP 'Submarine' on the now-defunct Liquid label in 1992. Few copies of the album were pressed and it remains a rarity.

The big time seemed imminent in 1995 with the release of 'Heartworm' on the Sony label. Hailed by critics as a masterpiece, it was disgracefully ignored by the punters. The band retreated into a maze of contractual wrangling and personal differences. They seemed to have overcome their difficulties when they went into the studio in 1998 to record their third album, 'Whipping Boy'. However, the album wasn't released until early 2000. Whipping Boy actually disbanded after the recording of the album two years prior.

Fast forward to 2005 and the legend of the band is cemented when HOT PRESS Magazine conducted a readership survey for the Top 100 Irish Album of all-time and "Heartworm" placed at Number 7. Now considered as one of the most influential bands ever to come out of Ireland, newfound interest in the band has reached fever pitch not only for the band's original fan base but also for a new generation of fans. Demand for Whipping Boy's albums has never been higher, albeit difficult to find in recent years. With the announcement of the band reforming, a new chapter for the band begins.

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