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Secure UK and European Licensing deal for both albums - 'This is.' and 'Love Life'
.....Change name to TYCHONAUT / More Live Gigs Announced

  *** UK and European Licensing deal for both albums - 'This is.' and 'Love Life' ***

We have just signed a Licensing deal with '38 Records' (a sister label of Rubyworks which will see 'This is' released in the UK and throughout Europe. Followed within 12 months by 'Love Life'.

We are thrilled that we have finally secured Licensing for both albums because until now the albums were only available online outside of Ireland. It is also a great sign that BOTH albums will be released and promoted in UK and Europe (including touring) before our third album arrives sometime late 2005. It also makes work on the third album much more enjoyable.

*** The Tycho Brahe name change ***

This seems to be the perfect opportunity to change the band name - something we have been thinking about for a few months now. Since the band has yet to even be launched/released outside Ireland the time is right. Only in Ireland will we have to do the the 'formerly.' thing and lets face it, as smashing as Ireland is - there is a whole other world out there.

Q: Why the change ?
A: We like the new one more!

Q: What do you call an American space man?
A: An Astronaut

Q: What do you call an Russian space man?
A: A Cosmonaut

Q: What do you call a Chinese space man?
A: A Tychonaut (well kind of - they spell it taikonaut !)

So we are now called TYCHONAUT

The change of name should be happening in the next month or two.

Just like the first 1000 Digipak copies of 'this is', all remaining 'The Tycho Brahe' stock is going to become a bit of a rarity. So if you are into that kind of stuff - get them while you can. All online sales will still be 'The Tycho Brahe' until the UK release in September-ish.

***GIGS - London, Brighton, Dublin, Sligo, Waterford, Cork, Galway, Oxegen ***

June 18 - Halfmoon, Cork
June 19 - The Courtyard, Schull, Cork
June 22 - Ruby sessions, Doyles pub, Dublin
June 24 - 93 Feet East, London with the Dudley Corporation
June 25 - The Upstairs Hobgoblin, Brighton with the Dudley Corporation
July 3 - TráFest, Waterford
July 7 - The Stags Head, Parlour, Dublin
July 9 - Oxegen Festival - Campsite Stage
July 11 - Oxegen Festival - Ticket Stage
July 16 - Model Arts + Niland Gallery, Sligo
Aug 27 - Roisin Dubh, Galway

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Soon to become:



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