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Pharaoh House Crash (aka THE MARGINS)
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  "Pharaoh House Crash" is the name of a song by the mighty Prince Buster.

PhC make 'reggae house punk'. The reggae influence comes from spending a lot of time in the Caribbean. The house thing began when Peter moved to Brighton, though it took a few years in indie-land before the sound became something you could dance to. The punk
angle is more an attitude thing; we make music because there are no rules as to how you make music, just the one that says "TRY

1992 - 1994
The first Pharaoh House Crash gig was on September 25th, 1992 at the Richmond, Brighton supporting Captain America. They were a product of their time; a three piece pop-punk band. A 7" single, ("Epic Dream") was released on their own label and they did the
indie thing of playing London, (The Powerhaus, The Bull & Gate, The Water Rats, The Orange Club etc) then splitting up!

1995 - 1998
The last PhC gig was at the Red Eye in Islington on March 9th, 1998. It was a new line up and a less noisy, more rhythmic sound. We gigged regularly and improved a lot, but Lundy gradually grew tired of being in a band - having more fun putting on house parties with the guitarist.

1999 - 2001
Lundy's last few years in Brighton were spent writing and recording. He wrote about the House Music scene he was involved in, because everyone was out dancing to 'four on the floor' music, but not writing about the experiences connected with it. Songs about
shopping, dancing, drinking, the Tuesday comedown and waking up in a strange bed were recorded

2001 - 2002
After spending a year at home in Belfast just chilling and working on stuff like a website, logos and contacting everyone in the Hot Press Yearbook who said they were into new Irish music it was time to get moving again. The feedback was great and peter received a
lot of support from DJ's such as June Carly at Midlands Radio 3, John at Radio Kerry and Gavan Kierans at Anna Livia Radio.

The "Four On The Floor" track:
The first recording session with Mia was in 1992, when she was 5! Lundy and Mia's mother were dating in Brighton and they became good friends as she was a music-mad kid. They stayed in touch when Mia's family returned home to Ireland in the mid nineties and
when Lundy moved to the same area himself they started rehearsals. Noticeable on the track, Mia has a delightfully clear, pitch perfect voice that is improving by the week as she tackles the PhC songbook!

Contact Details:

Peter Lundy, Writer, Producer: 086 1973922


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