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Pete Pamf

PETE PAMF “Tripping in the Meadow”
CD Single Out Aug 5th
From the album “Prone to Abuse” Out now on P.A. Records
::: As heard in the MURPHY’s STOUT TV & Radio Ads :::

The legendary Pete Pamf (ex of seminal Rock ‘n Funkers P.A.M.F).… yep, that word “legendary” again. Overused? Underused? You decide. This album is straight from the Dublin Underground …another overused word.

But it has to be said…. Originally available strictly through word of mouth and the ‘ol nudge nudge wink wink at the back door of the Village on a Saturday night where Pete DJs his own brand of punk, funk, rock, indie, madness. Now the underground’s worst kept secret is going overground. And he has
a kick as band to boot!!


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pete pamf moved to this country in the early nineties chasing his high school sweetheart, he didn't have much luck in the music business until he started the party funk band PAMF which saw minor success is the
early to mid nineties, but with no record deal it couldn't last and ended only after two years however people still talk about that band to date, other projecs ensued, one noteable endevour was his colaboration with uillean piper mark farrelly, an unpretentios mix of pete's crazy funk with pipes going through effecs giving it a real kick, however that was during the time when dance music was in and the live thing wasn't needed. so pete hung up the guitar and started to dj, playing mostly eclectic music, from lori anderson to parliment funkadelic, however the dance floor beckoned and he quickly became resident dj at hot joints like rira, the village, the dice bar and sine. and that was that live music was no longer a priority for pete, but with tecnology making the ability to record music a much easier and cheaper reality, it was just too tempting for pete and so hear we have 'prone to abuse' unbelievably pete's first album, guesting on the album are several different artists ranging from piper mark
farrelly to the lovley nina hynes, this ablum before even trying to promote is getting airplay and hype all around the country, and the MURPHY'S STOUT people using "Trippin' in the Meadow" to soundtrack
their TV & Radio ads expect to hear more of Pete Pamf!

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