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PANIC DHH - "Panic Drives Human Herds"
Release Date 19/04/2004 on Digital Hardcore Recordings
PANIC DHH was founded by Robbie Furze (guitarist on Alec Empire’s “Intelligence & Sacrifice” tour) and Antti Uusimaki. Annti’s musical talents have contributed to other musician’s work such as Brian Eno, Barry Adamson, Coldcut and labels from Nothing to Ninja Tune.

A fusion of Punk and Metal shot through with the industrial influences of Ministry and Skinny Puppy forms the musical core. Experimentation with electronics and noise generation soon added an extra dimension to the mix. The addition of second guitarist Juliet Elliott and drummer Adam Lewis amalgamated the line up and made possible their phenomenally intense live show.

Considering the rapid maturing of metal in recent years it is startling how quickly many bands lapse back to traditional & unoriginal forms. Borrowing freely from the most innovative ideas on both sides of the Atlantic and combining these with the finest of digital hardcore, “Panic Drives Human Herds” is a unique debut for DHR.

PANIC DHH will be on tour in the UK; Feb / March. Dates TBC.

Press – TBC

Radio – Already had plays on John Peel’s show and on John Kennedy’s xfm show.

More TBC

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