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obi are pleased to announce the release of a special limited edition double a-side cd 'To Some Folk / Sweethead'

The covers of the 1000 cds make up a unique 5m x 3m original design painted by the artist Simon Mackness

Go to this site to hear the single and order your copy now

obi are at the Borderline, London on Wednesday 19th November Tickets


New album - 'Dice Man Lopez'
Released February 2004

New Year 2003. In the solitude of a little house in southern France Obi front-man and main songwriter, Damian Katkhuda, armed himself with a guitar and a Dictaphone of collected ideas and set about writing a collection of songs that would form the basis of
the band's first full length album.

He returned with 20 songs and the band immediately got together to work on the material in their Shepherds Bush studio. The album was recorded during Spring 2003 with producer Hugh Jones Studios (I am Kloot, Hope of the States, Easyworld, Echo and the Bunnymen) at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire.

'Dice Man Lopez' picks up from where the band's critically acclaimed mini album 'The Magic Land of Radio' left off. From the opening track 'Fairground' (reminiscent of an old Russian folk song) to 'Creatures' with its chiming, shimmering guitars, the fragile yet
warming beauty of 'Sweet Like Silver' and the sad and intensely beautiful 'Plague On This House', 'Dice Man Lopez' is a triumphant return for the band.

Obi formed in 2000 and released 'The Magic Land of Radio' (COOKCD 229) in the summer of 2002. Their first single 'Somewhere Nicer' not only secured them seven weeks on the BBC Radio 2 playlist, but also garnered them 'Single of the Week' on Pete and Geoff's Virgin Radio breakfast show. Obi did their first UK tour that year, which included a sell out date at London's Bush Hall and supports ranging from Cousteau to The Libertines

The new songs were played and wonderfully received by fans old and new at their first performance of the year in a packed out acoustic tent at Glastonbury 2003 on the Saturday morning.

Katkhuda and bassist Tom Worsley recently recorded a version of Mungo Jerry's 'In the Summertime' for the BBC, which has been used recently for their BBC Summer campaign.

Obi are . Damian Katkhuda (vocals / guitar) , Dom Hazlehurst (electric guitars), Tom Worsley (bass / keys / vibes) and Ben Kempton

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