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Juno Falls

"Atomic Bomb"
Exclusive FREE Download "Atom Bomb", taken from the album "Weightless", available between Monday July 14th through July 28th, 2008.
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25 Jul - McCarthy’s- Dingle
26 Jul - X S W Festival - Skibbereen
29 Jul - Julive Festival - BOLOGNE
30 Jul - Marina di Ravenna - BOLOGNE
23 Aug - Feile Beo Festival - Dingle
29 Aug - Electric Avenue - Waterford
4 Sep - The Belltable Theatre - Limerick
19 Sep - The Backroom Sessions - Navan
20 Sep- Sea Sessions Surfer Festival - Sligo
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Weightless (V2) **** True to their new album's title, Juno Falls (aka Myles O'Reilly and sundry travelling compañeros) float free of the tethers that keep many of their contemporaries on terra firma. Snapshots of moments in time, stories of contradictory truths and lives less ordinary (The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off) are woven, layer upon layer, on a skein of deliciously dissonant strings and retiring percussion and brass. Juno Falls thrive on obtuse lyrics that suggest a perspective that's at an odd tilt with the world, one that throws up its share of inventive insights into life's finer moments while luring listeners into its fluctuating wavelength with an almost Tom Waitsean glee. Harmonically divine, Weightless is ideal immersion material for eardrums in pursuit of something more than a brief encounter.

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So, what do you do when you sign your first big record deal ?

Head for the bright lights of London, take the plaudits, and listen to everyone telling you how wonderful you are ?

Not for Juno Falls frontman and songwriter Myles O’Reilly.

Packing his bags, Myles left behind his native Dublin and headed for the tranquility of Dingle, on Ireland’s rugged west coast. “ Don’t get me wrong”, says Myles, “I love Dublin. It has a great energy and the music scene is very healthy there, but for me the remoteness and honesty of somewhere like Dingle makes the creative process so much more natural”.

Living in Dingle while writing material for the new album brought it’s own perils. While returning to Dingle from Dublin in the early hours of a wintery morning, Myles knew that he was almost home. The grey silhouette of Mount Brandon loomed ahead, as the narrow country roads snaked onwards. Nearly there.

“Suddenly I’m fighting with the car, battling to keep it on the road. Failing !”

Upside down and compressed into the only space left inside the car, Myles struggled to pull himself free. “ I remember making my way back onto the road and looking back at what was left of the car”, he says. “It wasn’t until several days later that it dawned on me just how lucky I was to have walked away from it without a scratch.”

“ Some of what I had been writing about prior to the crash now seemed trivial to me”, says Myles. "I had be given a second chance, and naturally there was a lot of emotion that came from that which helped inspire me without effort"

Returning to Dublin several months later with a lap-top full of songs, Myles began the process of “putting meat on the bones of the songs” with the rest of the band, Elton Mullaly (formerly of Brando) on bass and drummer Dave Lawless.

"They brought something really special to the songs," explains Myles. "Juno Falls complete the picture. The band made the songs breath and released them from the whole singer-songwriter genre“.

Recorded at various points over the course of the last year, including Wicklow, London, Dublin and Nashville, the result is a collection of beautifully crafted songs, sometimes intimate, sometimes fragile, always honest and unmistakably Juno Falls.

"I've always loved pop songs because they're braver than any other kind of music: you're trying to be universal and appeal to a whole lot of people. But there's a side of me that's always been attracted to the beauty and the sadness of artists like Elbow or Rufus Wainwright”.

Road-tested on a month-long tour of the UK and Ireland with Travis, the new songs have already found their live legs. "Fran [Healy, Travis singer] heard 'The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off' on my Myspace page and liked it so much, he asked us to come on tour with them," explains the frontman.

The first fruits of this creative journey can be heard when the mini-album 'Atom Bomb' hits the shelves in September 2007, followed by the band's international debut album in October.

The title track of the mini-album, 'Atom Bomb' is "symbolic of human nature encroaching on the natural order of things", according to Myles. Not that you'd necessarily guess that from a quick listen: deliberately vague, the song is more a gentle prod than a full-frontal assault, morphing from a gently plucked guitar intro to a lush string-laden crescendo that sounds like it was conceived in a Turkish opera house (all the strings on the new material were played by renowned traditional/classical musician Cora Venus-Lunny).

Another standout track, 'Slowly Fizzy' is about "how alcohol can make you do stupid things, particularly to the people you love most," Myles explains with a rueful smile.

'Four' was initially written as a joke: "I'd been told that '3' was the magic number, and wanted to disprove that theory," he smiles, before adding mischievously, "I also thought that I could make a whole lot of money out of any TV channel of the 4 variety. Honestly, it wasn't meant to be taken particularly seriously but everyone who heard it loved it and that's how it ended up on the mini-album."

Thankfully, the strength and depth of the songs on both 'Atom Bomb' and the forthcoming album ensures that Juno Falls will not be spending much time in the songwriting outback. With a host of live dates penciled in for the rest of 2007, Myles' diary is already filling up and, with the new songs poised to win over plenty of new Juno Falls fans, his calendar is only going to get busier.

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It's funny how all of the pieces suddenly fall into place and you end up recording an album that you know you will always be proud of."

Funny probably wouldn't have been the first word on the lips of Juno Falls during the initial days of recording their debut album "Starlight Drive" deep in the wilds of West Cork.

Surrounded by the most westerly landscape in Europe as it gently flowed out into the Atlantic, greeting curious sheep along the two mile star-lit walk to the village, the songs that the band had come here to record didn't make sense in these surroundings, they had been written in another world, a world where the pace and priorities of life were very different from the timeless world in which they now found themselves.

This was not going to be the album which they had come here to record, this was going to be something altogether different. Schull was going to see to that.

It had been a long journey for Juno Falls to get here.

Having played in various bands in their native Dublin from an early age, Myles, Dara, and Shaky eventually joined forces in the late nineties, immediately heading south to the continent's sunnier climes. Playing for four hours every night the band quickly served their apprenticeship on the Spanish Islands.

The bands return to the grey skies of Dublin couldn't have come at a better time. They were returning to a city whose musical community had a new found confidence. Gone were the days when Irish artists looked to the UK for approval and endorsement of their worth. Bands and individuals were now doing their own thing, and doing it successfully.

Constantly writing new material and gigging under the name 'Blotooth', the band quickly built up a large following in the capital city. By the time the record labels and publishing companies came looking for them the band were already selling out their live shows and had recorded enough songs for several albums.

So how do three Dubliners end up recording their album in West Cork ?. The idea had always been to break away from their normal recording routine to record the album and, having previously worked with Nick Seymour from Crowded House, when the opportunity arose to work with 'Herbie' Macken ( Neil Finn, The Devlins, Bic Runga ) the band seized it. Herbie has a cottage, perched on the hills just outside the village of Schull, which he uses to write and record in when he is not on the road. Isolated in the rugged countryside, recording in front of an open turf fire, this is how music was always meant to be made.

Several winter months spent tucked away in this remote village in West Cork writing and recording for their debut album "Starlight Drive", due for release April 30th. 2004, and a newly signed publishing deal with Sony/ATV , sees Juno Falls emerge as contenders, with the year just entering the second round.

Watch out also for the single 'This Song Is Your Own'

Which indeed can be 'your own', and totally free of charge. In a ground breaking move Juno Falls and Hot Press have come together to make it available as a free download at

Further info at

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