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Jeff Talmadge
1. 40 Days of Rain
2. Wild and Precious Thing
3. Crazy Little Town
4. Secret Anniversaries
5. Driving to Blissville
6. Lie to Me
7. The Hard Part’s Letting Go
8. Midnight Flight
9. Washington Island
10. A Soldier’s Christmas
11. Message in a Bottle
12. Take a Drive with Me

‘Blissville’ is Jeff Talmadge’s second album for CoraZong Records. ‘Blissville’ is the follow-up of the critically acclaimed ‘Gravity, Grace And The Moon’, the record that includes the radio hit ‘Photograph’.

Talmadge is one of the better singer/songwriters, who stylistically resembles Eric Taylor and Guy Clark, but with a fresh bluesy touch that we know from Bill Morrissey and Peter Keane…. [A] warm, relaxed baritone, more beautiful than most. …[Heaven – NL]

This is clearly a Texas singer/songwriter and carries on that fine tradition. He can create images like Townes, tunes like Guy Clark, but stays true to Jeff Talmadge [ Folkwax – USA]

Jeff reminds us in his best moments of Townes Van Zandt and John Prine [Folker – Ger.]

Born in Uvalde, Texas, Jeff grew up in small towns scattered across Texas--ones like Crystal City, Boling, New Gulf, Lago and Big Spring. The ghosts and memories of these places appear often in his songs-distant trains in the night, unread letters lying in weathered mailboxes, and memories of the things we love-and leave-blowing across the vast Texas plains.

Layered with lyrical imagery and textures that whisper their way effortlessly into the heart, Jeff's CDs are haunting treatises on longing and remembrance. Says PrimeCD recording artist Annie Gallup, "Jeff has a gift for writing lines that are absolutely fresh but that run so deep that I'm forever quoting them to myself to explain and validate events in my own life."

It's testament to the quality of his music that Jeff has attracted a veritable who's who of outstanding musicians into the studio to record with him, including: Ian Matthews, Eliza Gilkyson, Annie Gallup, Gene Elders, Bukka Allen, Mark Hallman, Stephen Bruton, Frank Kammerdiener, Glenn Fukunaga, Chris Searles and Paul Pearcy.

A graduate of Duke University, Jeff won the prestigious Academy of American Poets Award and went on to receive a Master of Fine Arts from the Warren Wilson College MFA Program for Writers in North Carolina. Jeff is an active member of the U.S. Folk Alliance.

‘Blissville’ features 6 brand-new songs, 3 songs for which Talmadge recorded a new vocal track and 4 highlights from independently released albums. All tracks, except ‘A Soldier’s Christmas’ are produced or co-produced by Bradley Kopp, who he has been involved with a veritable who’s who of singer songwriters and recording artists including Ian Matthews, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Joe Ely. ‘A Soldier’s Christmas’ is produced by Jeff and was released as an ‘internet-only’release in 2003. Sadly still true and therefore included on this album.

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