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"Slideling" reviews

"Slideling is an intense, uplifting rush of blood to the head ... Smashing stuff Mac."- Uncut ****

"There's no sonic trickery here, just Mac the balladeer, winsome on Playgrounds and City Parks, and riffing out on the best track, Love In Veins. Fine stuff."- Mojo ***

"Slideling proves that their (Bunnymen) frontman is still on fine form. Love In Veins is addictive, while the single features angelic backing vocals from Coldplay's Chris Martin and shows just why the Bunnymen could have been as big as U2."- Red ****

"Listening to such sparkling rockers as Arthur, or the title track, (Chris) Martin can only hope that he is still writing songs as potent in 20 years' time."- Play / The Times ****

"Another impressive comeback for the man in the big coat"- NME

"Now that certain other British singers have done their own Sinatra tributes, it could be time for songs like the brilliant Playgrounds And City Parks to hit home. Robbie fans with open minds should check it out. As should everyoneelse."- OK! ****

"Mac is back ... Effortlessly he glides through anthemic, semi-ballad and pure pop. Tapping into the esoteric and the classic, it's nothing but a pleasure."- Flux, May issue"A neat collection of songs" - Daily Express ***

"Slideling contains some of the most personal, confessional songs of his career." - Guardian ***

"Songs that combine glam roots and Sinatra crooning with a little help from Coldplay" - Daily Mirror ***

"Beautifully crafted" - Big Issue ***

"Sliding" reviews

"This is the idiosyncratic Bunnyman at something approaching his best." - Metro ****

"Warm, big hearted ballad." -OK! magazine ****

"Ian McCulloch is genuinely one of the music industry's greats ... Sliding is, in a word, beautiful. One of his beset pieces in a long time. Should be heard by all" - The Profile

"This is true thinking man's pop from one of Liverpool's all-time greatest songwriters" - Live magazine (Liverpool)

"Slideling" Internet reviews

"Slideling is McCulloch's best solo offering by a distance." -

"Slideling is truly captivating ... (and) may become McCulloch's Urban Hymns by reinforcing his reputation with existing fans and converting hordes of previous unbelievers." -

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