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Deepest Blue
Deepest Blue
‘Late September’
The much anticipated Debut album from one of Ireland & the UK's biggest selling artists!
Out June 7th on Open Records (Interactive Music/ RMG-Chart)

The highly acclaimed Deepest Blue release their eagerly anticipated debut album, ‘Late September’, June 7th on Open Records. Already boasting two top ten singles, (‘Deepest Blue’ and ‘Give It Away’), and the forthcoming, classic new single, ‘Is It A Sin’, the album is a rich and intimate collection of pop songs grounded in classic songwriting foundations.

Deepest Blue are Joel Edwards and Matt Schwartz. The duo first worked together on the 2003 summer anthem ‘Deepest Blue’ and have been honing their intelligent, contemporary pop sound ever since. Individually both Matt and Joel have worked with some of the biggest names in dance and pop including Massive Attack, Mica Paris, Skin, Scratch Perverts and The UnderWolves.

Album highlights include the exhilarating singles ‘Give It Away’ and ‘Deepest Blue’ as well as the haunting title track ‘Late September’ and ‘Shooting Star’ with its lush orchestral arrangement. ‘Is It A Sin’, one of the many stand-out tracks, is typical Deepest Blue – smart, infectious expertly crafted pop music.

According to the lads “Our sound is influenced by everybody we like and we have really eclectic taste, everyone from U2, Masssive Attack, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Seal, The Cramps, Julian Cope and Crosby Stills Nash and The Police. “

All these influences and more abound throughout ‘Late September’, a truly original work from two extremely talented songwriters.

The Sunday Times said, “A hit stuffed debut album proves that Deepest Blue are intent on turning the screw and that they know exactly how to do it. They are set to be huge.”

Tracklisting for "Late September"
1. Be Still My Heart
2. Can’t Believe
3. Is It A Sin
4. Give It Away
5. Turn Out Right
6. Shooting Star
7. Late September
8. Deepest Blue
9. Say Goodbye
10. Spread A Little Love

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  A Bolt From The Blue

Deepest Blue Biography

Deepest Blue are unique. Lyrically accomplished and musically innovative the duo have a found a way of creating accessible but fresh contemporary pop anthems.

With their own brand of radio friendly, intelligent and uplifting pop, Deepest Blue scored big in 2003 with their first ever collaboration; ‘Deepest Blue’. This summer anthem reached number 7 in the U.K and Irish top 10.

Deepest Blue are the brainchild of Matt Schwartz and Joel Edwards. These two individual talents were introduced by a mutual friend and together have found a unique voice in pop.

Matt is an Israeli born, classically trained violinist who moved to the U.K to study music production and it is his gifts as a multi-instrumental producer and songwriter that truly single him out as an exceptional talent. Matt has worked with some of the biggest names in music most notably Massive Attack. He first collaborated with Bristol’s finest on their seminal album ‘Mezzanine’, helping to co-write and produce ‘Dissolved Girl’, which went onto become one of the stand out tracks on The Matrix soundtrack.

Matt has a keenly intuitive understanding of music and production, a quality perhaps born out of his classical training. As Matt observes: “Every word and sound is an instrument. For me words are sounds. For Joel they are meaning”.

Joel Edwards, Deepest Blue’s front man is a singer/songwriter, producer mixer. An unassuming wunderkind with a complete commitment to his music. According to Joel, Deepest Blue’s polished but fresh sound is down to their eclectic taste and combined musical trainings, “we pretty much play everything”.

Joel is a major song writing force in the industry. Signed almost four years ago to Warner Chapell he has worked with dance virtuosos Ed Case and M Factor as well Skin (Skunk Anansie) and The UnderWolves.

The artistic meeting of minds is central to Deepest Blue. The pair compliment each other perfectly and the result is a seamless synthesis of song writing ambition and production know-how. The duo are clearly enamoured of each other’s abilities. As Joel admits “Matt is great at bringing things together”, while Matt points to the way ‘Deepest Blue’ sprang from Joel’s lyric.

Joel’s distinctive voice has a clarity and honesty well suited to Matt’s anthemic mixes. However Deepest Blue are keen to keep their debut album as musically eclectic and varied as their own tastes. “I am a massive Lou Reed fan”, Joel beams, “I love The Cramps, Julian Cope and Crosby Stills Nash, but we also love U.2, Seal, Police”. According to Joel, Deepest Blue’s agenda is clear; “We want to make fun, uplifting tracks. It is contemporary pop”.

Ahead of the highly anticipated album is the latest single ‘Give It Away’, the deeply addictive anthem that reached no. 9 in the UK chart and no. 2 in the airplay chart. With their third and equally exhilarating single ‘Is It A Sin?’ hot on the heels of ‘Give It Away’ this may truly be Deepest Blue’s year to take up their rightful place at the top of the charts.

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