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FORMAT: CD / 2 X 12

RELEASE DATE: 26/06/03

Following on from the recently released and very highly acclaimed 'Freekin' Empires E.P.', Decal's 'Brightest Star' album has now arrived.

Decal (originally comprising the talents of duo Alan O'Boyle and Dennis McNulty) began making music in 1993 and released their debut album "Ultramack 004" in 1994 on their own Ultramack label. After grabbing the attentions of Nina Walsh and Andrew Weatherall at Sabrettes and Tony Thorpe at Languauge, Decal were looking forward to international releases with both labels. An impressive catalogue of music has followed, on labels like Trama Industries, Rotters Golf Club, Planet Mu, Leaf, React, Warp and more, with remixes for the likes of Two Lone Swordsmen, Keith Tucker and Mark Broom also under the Decal belt.

By January 2003, Dennis McNulty had quit the duo to concentrate on a career in sound art, electronic improv and ambient experimental music. But the slimmed down version of Decal, with Alan O'Boyle alone at the helm, continues onwards & upwards. Decal can currently be found every Friday as resident at the electro club night 'Bleep' at Bodkins in Dublin.

It's difficult to pick out highlights on an album where there's so many enticing tracks to choose from. Ready to rock your body and twist your mind, Decal blends old school electro cut ups with acid tones; menacing chords with melancholy melodies and even drum'n' bass-influenced beats are thrown into the pot. There's another chance (CD only) to pick up on the atmospherics of 'Freakin' Empires' and 'Superscum' as featured on the recent E.P. but also check out gems like the title track 'Brightest Star', the spooky undertones of 'Horrorable' or the oriental sweetness of 'A Little Too Happy'.

1 - Take it Over 7 - Seeker
2 - Roadkill 8 - Growler
3 - Brightest Star 9 - Freekin' Empires
4 - Digital Bitch 10 - A Little Too Happy
5 - Age of Back Biting 11 - Gadgets
6 - Horrorable 12 - Superscum

For more information contact:
Stevo Berube at Berube Communications on (01) 476 3603 or 087 244 2695

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