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"Dog Eared Memories"
Out Oct 14th on Damage Control Ltd.
Distributed By Gael Linn

Upcoming DARA Shows Around Ireland
Dublin - Whelans, 28th September.
Kilkenny - Ryans, 3rd October.
Cork - Cypress Avenue, 13th October.
Limerick - Dolans (date tbc.)
Galway - Roisin Dubh, 24th October.
Dundalk - Spirit Store, 17th November
See for additional shows to be added

Dara releases his new long player 'Dog Eared Memories' on October 14th, featuring the radio fave "Heroine" This is his first release since his debut album “The Eye of The Clock” in 2000 on Sony. About the record Dara says: “ I wasn’t trying to re-invent the wheel. With this album I wanted to make sure the focus was on the songs and voice, while still keeping it rich and interesting musically…. I tried to capture as much of it live as possible. No edited takes, or that type of thing…. I’m reluctant about referencing other artists to explain my music, as I think people read too much into it, but from a production point of view, there’s a certain era I looked to a lot. As I say, not in a song-writing sense –consciously anyway- but just at the sound of the records people were making. Some of those would be The Band, Tom Waits, Bowie, Nina Simone, Lou Reed, Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, early Springsteen, etc.; a lot of stuff I grew up listening to really. Probably not the most fashionable direction to take at the moment, but it was the kind of album I felt compelled to make. It’s very different to what people have heard from me before, but I’ve always intended to make each album a stand alone work.”

Playing in bands since he was fifteen, Dara released his debut album, on Sony Records, at the age of 26 (having been signed at 24). Available in Ireland only, it yielded two top thirty hits, and spent several weeks in the top forty. He parted ways with the company, and his then manager, in 2002.

Almost immediately after his departure from Sony, Dara was approached by a fledgling London/Dublin label to be their first signing; It seemed as though things were still on-track, but after months of waiting for the label to kick into gear, it folded with little more than a handful of demos to it’s name. Dara spent much of the next year or so working on various people’s projects as an arranger, producer or musician, (Paddy Casey and U2, among them). Some of this work took him as far afield as Beirut and America.

In 2004 Dara returned to his own writing, and in early 2005 finished the recording that became ‘Dog-Eared Memories’. Suitably ponderous after the events of the preceding years, the title comes from a line in one of the songs ‘...some faded photographs, dog-eared memories that the years have bent….’ All the songs taking you on different journeys, from vivid descriptions of the New York of his early twenties (Another New York Story, and Days), to simple expressions of love and summer evenings (Silver Dollar Moon), to a more raw sense of frustration and cynicism (Bleeding, etc.) that can be reminiscent of John Lennon (or even Randy Newman), in attitude and wry wordplay, if not in style.

Having fronted a ten-piece band while gigging his previous album (supporting the likes of, Ocean Colour Scene, Counting Crows, U2, etc.), the new live outfit will be a more stripped-back affair, with (most of the time) just three extra musicians in the band. Dara will play piano for the majority of the show, as well as an occasional bit of guitar. The rest of the line-up being: guitar, bass and drums.Already gigging quietly throughout this summer, Dara will be doing a full tour of the country in September/October.

'Dog Eared Memories' will be released on Dara’s own label, Damage Control Ltd, and will be out on October 14th 2005.

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