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Boogie Pimps

Boogie Pimps
Data/ Ministry Of Sound Released April 26th 2004

Boogie Pimps, the German duo behind this year’s smash hit ‘Somebody to Love’, return on April 26th with an equally infectious take on Boney M’s ‘Sunny’.

Once again they take you back to the 1970’s, this time sampling disco connoisseurs Boney M’s version of the original 1966 Bobby Hebb hit. ‘Sunny’ was the second of nine consecutive top ten hits for Boney M, and peaked at # 3 in the UK, and also that year made it to # 1 in Germany.

Says Markus: “We are loving you guys over in England so much right now. The British can do no wrong in the Boogie Pimps’ eyes. I can’t believe ‘Somebody to Love’ is still in the charts. Our new single is an old Boney M track, we used to DJ at a 70’s night and played our version. The crowd went crazy. They were screaming, so we decided that will be our next single.”

Markus and Mirko both from Erfurt, a small town in East Germany, are already teutonic household names. Markus owns JoueJoue, the biggest house club in the area, which attracts luminaries including DJ Falcon and DJ Angel. Whilst Mirko hosted ‘Club Rotation’ the Saturday night club slot on Germany’s biggest private radio station for 6 years.

The two met 3 years ago. Mirko wanted to play in the club and Markus wanted to be on the radio, and a perfect symbiosis was formed. Says Markus: “One night at JoueJoue I felt really ill and Mirko offered to play ping pong (back to back) with me. The crowd loved it and it became a regular thing. Producing was a natural progression, we were continually looking in each others boxes for records that weren’t there and so decided to make our own.”

The name Boogie Pimps is actually derived from Markus’s hip hop collection: “I’m into Jay Z and Snoop and pimp just came from ‘pimpin’,” he explains. And as for boogie? “That’s from a 70s soft porn vid I used to watch,” he smiles. “But I won’t say anymore about that.”

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