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"Insides Out"
New 10-Track CD Includes Cover Of Warren Zevon’s “Studebaker” on New West Records / Ammal Records
Irish Release May 30th ~ ~

Jordan Zevon Displays Soul On Debut Record, "Insides Out".

May 30th sees the Irish release of Insides Out the debut album from Jordan Zevon, the son of the Grammy award winning Warren Zevon. Described as “a glorious mix of pop/rock inspired by XTC, Elvis Costello and the New Radicals”, Jordan simply describes his music by saying “its organic rock/pop. Something I always told my Dad to stick with. I hated when he used synthesizers and drum machines”. The first track on the album, “The Joke’s On Me” was co-written with his pal Jordan Summers and went on to win the 2006 USA songwriting contest. This spurred Jordan to get serious about his future and he enlisted the help of some long-time friends to create and complete Insides Out.

Along with the standout tracks such as “This Girl” and “American Standard”, Jordan performs one cover “Studebaker” one of father’s unreleased songs.

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Los Angeles, CA -- Funny story first, facts to follow… Jordan Zevon, the son of Grammy® Award winning musician Warren Zevon, grew up with music in the house and in his blood. While his dad’s music is certainly in his genes, Jordan tuned his radio to British power-pop bands such as XTC, The Cure and Elvis Costello. The subject even came up in conversation around the house. Jordan reminisces…“Dad once asked me why I was singing with a British accent and I replied, ‘Why do you sing with a southern accent? The only time you ever saw a chicken was when it was hovering beneath a pepper grinder!’ After that he totally understood that we all have our own influences. No matter how good Dad was, he was still my Dad and you're supposed to rebel against your parents.”

Jordan has really come into his own with his debut release Insides Out available from New West Records/Ammal Records. The 10-track album features nine new power-pop songs, with lyrics written by Jordan that brings to mind the aforementioned Elvis Costello and the Attractions and XTC, but also has the undeniable American influence of Harry Nilsson and Steely Dan. Insides Out starts things off with a bang with the immediate track “The Joke’s On Me.” Jordan says of the influence for the song, “If you’ve never had a job from hell, it’s probably because we both interviewed and they gave it to me instead.” And that’s just the beginning of an immensely catchy and superb collection of songs displayed on this debut. Jordan also pays homage to his dad by recording his own version of the Warren Zevon-penned “Studebaker.” For this track, Jordan chose to channel some of Warren’s energy and record the song at Jackson Browne’s Groove Masters Studios.

A rarity these days in music, this album is an intriguing record that has many layers to be discovered on repeated listens. Insides Out effortlessly showcases some of the smartest pop you’ll hear all year. For up-to-date information on Jordan please visit

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Jordan Zevon was born on August 7, 1969 to Marylin ‘Tule’ Livingston and Warren Zevon.

Growing up in an atmosphere that ate, drank, and slept music, it was no surprise that Jordan would be entrenched in that world. It is also no surprise that he grew into a proper musician in his own right. Jordan’s talent shines on his debut record, Insides Out (New West Records / Ammal Records), on which you can tell Jordan has music in his blood, but also makes it clear that he had his own influences, outside of his dad’s world. The result is an intriguing record that certainly has the influence of his father in its marrow, but also has a nod towards the brainy songwriting prowess and pop to the likes of XTC, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Harry Nilsson and Steely Dan.

Jordan kicked around as a drummer in various bands like, The New Orignials, The Graduates and The iMPOSTERS for years. However, never known for long term commitments and since his dad was strongly encouraging him to go out on his own, Jordan left the groups behind to pursue…well, he wasn’t sure what direction he wanted to go, but he did continue to write songs.

Before his untimely death in 2003, Warren told Jordan that he should record his own music and follow his dream; advice that Jordan took to heart and followed. When Artemis Records (Warren’s label) brought up the idea of recording a tribute record for his dad, Jordan joined forces with Jorge Calderon, Warren’s longtime friend and collaborator, to produce Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs of Warren Zevon (which featured contributions from Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Pixies and more). In addition to producing, Jordan performed a previously unreleased song, “Studebaker,” which also appears on the new record.

Knowing how much his parents believed in his music, Jordan knew it was time to get serious about his own future and record what was to become his debut album Insides Out. His determination and belief in his writing paid off; as the debut effortlessly showcases some of the smartest pop you’ll hear all year.

Insides Out Track Listing:
1. The Joke's On Me
2. This Girl
3. Home
4. Just Do That
5. Camila Rhodes
6. Insides Out
7. American Standard
8. Studebaker
9. Payday
10. Too Late To Be Saved

"Insides Out" track by track description
Written by Jordan Zevon

The Joke’s On Me
If you’ve never had a job from hell, it’s probably because we both interviewed and they gave it to me instead. I’ve had more than I can count. This song is about one in particular where I worked in Santa Monica just steps from the beautiful Pacific Ocean. That was the only beauty involved. It was one of the worst times in my life. A boss from hell and that was just the tip of the iceberg. A friend suggested that I look into Kabala for some relief and even fronted me the money for classes. On my third visit to “class” my ADD took over and I wrote the lyrics to this song on the blank backsides of paper from my “workbook”. I felt like it was me against the world and the world was winning.

This Girl
“This Girl” and “Joke’s On Me” are back to back because they have a relation. Where “Joke’s On Me” is about the worst job you can imagine. “This Girl” is about how love can save you from it. I don’t claim that love is perfect or that it doesn’t fade in some cases, but when you’re feeling the weight of the world, it doesn’t hurt to have someone wrap their arms around you and tell you that everything will be okay.

Originally intended for a compilation of Dad’s Love Songs, they asked me to write a song about him. I’d say it seemed like a good idea at the time, but to be honest, I hated the idea. But I did the song anyway and it was a relief. It was something that I needed to say.

Just Do That
We’ve all been in relationships where we were insecure, or we were with someone who’s insecure. “Do you love me? Are you mad? Are you happy? Is there anything I can do?” After a while you just snap. YES! I’m happy! It’s all good! Just be you and enjoy it! Leave me alone!

Camila Rhodes
A true story. We wrote this song as a sort of roast to Cam for her 30th birthday. We were nervous that we might have crossed the line and she’d be upset, but after it was replayed for the umpteenth time through the PA in the roller rink where the party was held and with her saying, “THAT’S ME! THAT’S ME!” (Yes, you heard right. You had to be there), we knew she loved it. Every group of friends should have a Camila Rhodes. If your group doesn’t…You’re her!

Inside’s Out
The only song I’ve ever written in almost the time it takes to listen to the song. I usually take months to labor over lyrics and originally thought this would just be filler until I wrote the “real” lyrics. But this was my first venture into therapy after the death of my parents and my emotions were dangling so far out on my sleeve that it ended up being more than an attempt at cleaver wordplay, but a truly introspective look at where I was at the time.

American Standard
School was not my friend. I was never able to focus and always thought that there was something more out there waiting for me and my attendance records show it. I didn’t drink or do drugs, I just wanted out. Later in life I started to regret this decision and envied my friends and their stories of college life, but then I played a few shows at colleges and got to hang out with the students. I was expecting higher learning and intellectual discovery, but it was more like a 24-7 drunken wet t-shirt contest. I was at a bathroom stall, hearing some kid in the next stall puking his guts out, I looked down at the urinal and saw the words, “American Standard” and thought, yep, that about sums it up. Call it an honest look into the college experience, or call it a justification, that, “it’s not all that great” from someone who missed out.

“Studebaker” is one of Dad’s songs that I’ve loved since I was a child. It almost made it onto his first two albums, but never did. When I was asked to participate in a tribute album to Dad, it was difficult to figure out what song to do. I knew that sometimes my singing voice sounded like his, but then what? His original songs were performed by some of the greatest players you can imagine; Waddy Wachtel, David Lindley, Jorge
Calderon… How can you top that? You can’t. Instead I decided to use the opportunity to finally record the song with the same musicians. It was humbling to watch these guys play. Rather than cover one of Dad’s hits, I tried to present an outtake from, Excitable Boy.

My first venture into music was with a band, The Imposters. I was the drummer and we had a blast. We played shows all over town at LA Clubs like The Whiskey and the Roxy. As great as it was, I had to leave. I longed to write music and felt restricted as the drummer, but the band went on to write amazing songs and have remained my best friends to this day. This song was one of my favs, so I casually forced them to let me cover it.

Too Late To Be Saved
I wrote the line, “There’s a message in this bottle and I’ll drink until I find it”, and I was hit with two thoughts. One, well that’s a pretty good line. Two, well now what?? So it became a fictional tale about a man at the end of his life dealing with his various regrets and the lack of time to reverse them. But at some point it became peppered with some of the anger I felt after my parents died and someone would say, “I’m praying for you” and I can’t explain why that instigated anger in me. I guess I wasn’t in the best frame of mind, but I thought, pray for yourself… Leave me out of it. At the end of the day it’s a song about faith and religion. Like one of my heroes George Carlin said, “If it works for you, then that great, but leave me the fuck out of it”.

About New West Records:
New West Records LLC is a ten year old, wholly independent record label distributed in the United States by RED Distribution. With offices in Los Angeles and Austin TX, the company is staffed by a unique blend of music and business specialists. The label has had 12 releases debut in the Billboard Top 200 and boasts a number of Grammy® award winning artists including Dwight Yoakam, Steve Earle, Rickie Lee Jones, Kris
Kristofferson and Delbert McClinton. In addition, the roster includes Ben Lee, Buddy & Julie Miller, Drive-By Truckers, Jason Isbell, John Hiatt, Jordan Zevon, Old 97’s, Randall Bramblett, Ray Davies, Stephen Bruton, The Flatlanders and Tim Easton. New West Records also has partnerships with Danny Goldberg’s AMMAL Records, Scott Weiland’s Softdrive Records, and exclusively releases CDs and DVDs from the award-winning television program “Austin City Limits”.

About Ammal Records:
Music industry veteran Danny Goldberg established Ammal Records in 2007. It’s releases include Working Man’s Café, the second solo album by the legendary Ray Davies, the debut album from Jordan Zevon titled Insides Out, Warren Zevon’s Preludes: Rare and Unreleased Recordings and Three Easy Pieces, the first new music in a decade by Boston’s Buffalo Tom. Ammal Records is an imprint through New West

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