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New album
"Dig Yourself Deep"
OUT NOW on Cooking Vinyl ~

Dig Yourself Deep, the new album from The Undertones, a band who know the value of a great melody in a punk song.

Following on from their acclaimed 2003 album, “Get What You Need”, Dig Yourself Deep is filled with riff-heavy pop-punk gems, and packs 14 songs into just under 33 minutes. From the infectious hooks of the title track, to the raucous “So Close” and the taut and feisty “She’s So Sweet”, the album rolls back the years, whilst moving forward to the present.

“The Undertones have never had a career plan – but around the start of 2006, it occurred to us that maybe it would be good to make another record,” explains Michael Bradley. “Somebody mentioned that we should immediately start writing more songs and record a follow up within a year, but we never got around to it. If you rush these things, sometimes you can regret what gets recorded … Over the year John wrote most of the songs that appear on the record, while I came up with four and also added words to Damian’s We All Talked About You. When we went into Blast Furnace Studio in Derry we knew that we wanted it to be more guitar based than "Get What You Need" and that the songs would be concise.”

The album, which will be available on CD and as a digital download, was engineered by Mik O’Connell.

The Undertones are … Paul McLoone (vocals) / John O'Neill (guitar) / Damian O'Neill (guitar/keys/vox) / Michael Bradley (bass/vox) and Billy Doherty (drums).

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The Undertones – Part 1

The Undertones emerged from Derry in 1977, the result of five friends learning how to play guitar and drums in time with someone singing.

Even by the standard of that decade, Derry was not the rock and roll capital of anywhere. With no live bands worth watching, they learned by listening to mail order records, reading one of the few copies of NME that made it to Derry, but most of all from listening to John Peel’s wonderful show on BBC Radio One.

Practicing in their bedrooms eventually led to the band recording Teenage Kicks in 1978 on the Good Vibrations indie label in Belfast. Shortly after the recording Teenage Kicks was played, twice in a row, by John Peel.

Subsequently the Undertones were signed to Sire records and Teenage Kicks was re-released.

For the following five years, John O’Neill, his younger brother Damian, Feargal Sharkey, Billy Doherty and Michael Bradley crafted further numerous punkpop gems such as Here Comes The Summer, Jimmy Jimmy, My Perfect Cousin, You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It) and four albums. They almost enjoyed the life of professional musicians.

In 1983 Feargal Sharkey left the band to pursue a solo career and the remaining members decided to call it a day. That was the end of The Undertones part 1.

The Undertones – Part 2

In 1999, The Undertones reconvened, without Feargal Sharkey, to once again perform their two-minute, three and a half chord songs to a new generation of fans in Derry. Fellow Derryman Paul McLoone replaced Sharkey on vocals and his vocal prowess and electric onstage presence soon convinced any doubters that he was more than capable of doing the job. After realizing that playing live was good fun, the band repeated the experience in selected locations around the globe.

After much consideration the band released an album of new songs called Get What You Need, which was critically acclaimed by the likes of Q, Uncut, Rolling Stone and Hot Press. From that album, songs such as Thrill Me, I Need Your Love The Way It Used To Be and Everything But You have become favourites of the bands live set.

In 2003 Thrill Me was released as a limited edition 7” vinyl single and found its way on to John Peels turntable. He introduced it on his show commenting, “And these are the words I thought I would never be saying on radio again, a new single from The Undertones.” He liked it so much he played it twice, like he did with Teenage Kicks in 1978.

After a period of inactivity in 2006 due to illness, The Undertones began writing and recording new material in Ireland, and released the critically acclaimed new album, Dig Yourself Deep, in October 2007. Following a memorable performance on Ireland's premiere TV program THE LATE LATE SHOW, the band mesmorized a packed-out Tripod in Dublin proving they're still one of the best live band's on the planet!

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