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Ultra Montanes
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A Brief History:

The Ultra Montanes formed themselves into a musical unit in and around 1995-96. This was the first version of the band and it was all about noise and style. It sounded like shit but it was OK because no one was listening. As the noise started to make sense and start to turn into songs, the grown-ups started to gather, the grown-ups they liked most were Lakota Records and their international friends. With them the band released the first single "cells" (backed with "stains" and "binge & purge"). This record came out on Baby pink vinyl.....Then it became interesting.

After signing to Lakota the band started work on an album with producer Charlie Francis who has worked with R.E.M. and the High llamas. During 1997-98 they toured England extensively, released four singles and an album. They also did a press and TV promotional tour of France, and played a couple of one off dates in New York. At the beginning of 1999 the band returned to Dublin to start work on the second album. As they started to write and demo the first couple of tracks it was soon realised that things were taking a very different musical direction than the first record. The Ultra Montanes spent the rest of the year writing, demoing and trying to find new ways of approaching the recording process. During this period the band added a full time keyboard player to the line-up, which has opened up a whole new area of writing and recording for them.

Fast Foward to 2006 when everything finally falls into place. After the past few years on a self-imposed hiatus the band is reformed & rejuvenated and hit the rehearsal room armed with a new batch of soon to be classic songs. Produced by Liam Mulvaney and the Ultra Montanes, the new EP provided a taster of the next album which is currently being recorded and will be out in the Autumn 2006.

What the press said about the first album:

Melody Maker: "...the Ultra Montanes are developing into true originals."

Q: "Crammed full of great tunes this is a snappy, smart and incredibly focused debut."

The Sunday Times: "This is a sharp debut with just the right sparkling of spit and glitter."

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