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Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
"100 Days, 100 Nights"
Out Now on Daptone Records
Also appearing in the new Denzel Washington movie 'The Great Debaters'

::: LIVE ::: The Button Factory, Dublin - April 10th, 2008
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Renowned Soul and Funk band Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings release 100 Days, 100 Nights on their self-owned independent label, Daptone Records. Since the 2005 release of their Naturally LP, the band has continued to build a worldwide following for their raw soulful recordings and blistering live performances.

Like the highly acclaimed Naturally LP before it, 100 Days, 100 Nights was recorded in their self-built, self-operated, all analog recording studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn and bares the unmistakable Daptone Soul Sound - highly in demand among music fans and tastemakers alike. In the last year, producers such as Kanye West, Mark Ronson, Hank Shocklee, and Kenny Dope have been among those who came knocking at Daptone’s door seeking the inimitable Dap-Kings sound. The Dap-Kings lend a tougher edge to their own productions for such artists as Rhymefest, Lily Allen, Ghostface Killah and Amy Winehouse. Meanwhile, Sharon Jones herself has past the time between touring lending the her soulful voice to projects for Lou Reed, Rufus Wainwright, They Might Be Giants and others.

Though these projects have helped the band branch out to new fans, it is unquestionable that their sound has never been as brutally soulful or masterfully delivered as it is on their own 100 Days, 100 Nights. The raw fire and soul which Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings consistently pour into their music will make this record and this band an irreplaceable part of many people’s lives.

• The Dap-Kings recorded half of the music on Amy Winehouse’s album Back to Black. Including the hit singles “Rehab”and “I’m No Good”, and played as her backing band for her first ever US tour.

• 267 Shows, 21 Tours, 14 countries on 3 Continents since the 2005 release of Naturally.

• Sold over 50,000 full length records and 20,000 vinyl 45’s.

• Mark Ronson worked closely with the Dap-Kings at Daptone Studios recording his new album “Versions” as well as other re mix projects including Lilly Allen’s hit single “Smile”.

• Robbie Williams hired the Dap-Kings horns to play on his album “Rudebox”.

• Rufus Wainwright and They Might Be Giants featured Sharon on their recent recordings.

• Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings’ music has been sampled by Jurasic 5, Gostface Killah, Kanye West and Rhymefest.

• Sharon Jones has been part of the cast touring with Lou Reed in Australia, Europe, and the US as part of the live production of “Berlin”

• After being featured on Verve Records’ “Baby Loves Jazz” album, Sharon had her own “Ella the Elephant” children’s book and CD published by Penguin Books.

Starring in the new Denzel Washington movie 'The Great Debaters', and asked personally by Denzel to feature on the motion pictures soundtrack, soul singer Sharon Jones has been heralded by both underground and mainstream media as the best thing to happen to r'n'b music since James Brown.

At 51 years of age, Sharon began her new lease of life with The Soul Providers in 1996. A former prison guard on Rikers Island, New York, Sharon was discovered when she was requested to do backing vocals for the legendary Lee Fields. In the 12 years since this recording, Sharon along with her mighty band The Dap Kings have released 3 albums and numerous 7inch/45 releases along which included non album cuts that have been sought after by music collectors and deejays the world over.

For those of you that like to keep abreast of popular culture, the last 2 years have brought the Daptone family to worldwide prominence for a slew of reasons and many the listener may not be aware of.
Sharon herself has been invited to perform live on stage with with such luminaries as Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and James Brown. The Dap Kings are the studio band for Lily Allen and Mark Ronson on his own 2006 release and the backing band on the now classic Amy Winehouse 'Black on Black' album.

The Dap Kings exemplify a rich retro sound that is largely associated with the Motown/Stax record labels of yesteryear. Thumping basslines and drums at the front, horns to die for and years of playing experience to help season the offering. For the moment it seems that the media has only eyes for Amy Winehouse. Sharon speaking of Amy, says that Amy only borrowed the band from her for a little while to help her break USA. True, Amy is a young and very talented girl whose personal turmoil has helped to perpetuate her myth into the mainstream conscious in classic 'celebrity' fashion. But when we analyse what makes a true star, timing, stage performance, enthusiasm Amy is kicked to the sidelines by her elder soul sister. Sharon grew up in a different era, an era where performance was first, and then the record was made, Amy, like Lily, Joss and Co. are studio artists who are still learning the skill of performing, but rarely do they compete with seasoned veterans of Sharon's ilk.

The list of artists wanting to work with the Dap Kings continues to grow, Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Kanye West, Robbie Williams. All big household names in their own right. But the love that Dap Kings put into their music and recordings makes it easy to see where their heart lies. The new LP, 100 Days, 100 Nights is full of references to nothern, deep funk, and soul ballads. An album with a lot of humility and conviction. Sharon's vocals are stunning and Gabe Roth aka Bosco Mann on production delivers a product worth sitting next on the shelf with any Motown classic. The Deep Funk influence of the lat 2 LP's has been polished for a more rounded offering..

The live show is what defines SJ & TDK, the stuff of legend - the reports from SXSW 07, a recent shows in france and Jazz Cafe, the famous New York Apollo Theatre and sellout Los Angeles El Rey Theatre show all point to a performance unmatched by any band of our generation. They can play from 90 mins to 3hours without a blink, all depending on the crowd. Sharon will be the first to admit that she suffers from depression when they are not performing as she never married and cares for her disabled mother when not recording or touring, so it is a testament to her that through sheer guile and endeavour, Sharon has finally found her way into the spotlight, be it a long road that brought her there.

Sharon hails from the same town as James Brown in Georgia and learned to dance with her brothers by watching his moves. When it came time for her to perform, funk music was dying out with record labels opting for the new disco style that was permeating through radio nightclubs around the world and it looked as if her time had been and went. She continued to sing in Gospel Choirs and moved with her family to Brooklyn. and one day her chance came along and she took it and ran with...Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings are soul dynamite - a treasure in today's oversubscribed live music circuit. While they are one band certainly earning props for their music, recording and songwriting....the daptone family is growing, the likes of The Budos Band, Antibalas, The Expressions all with their own sound are continuing off where the greats of the left off.

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