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Release Their Debut Self-titled Album
Featuring the New Single "Means To An End" and the previous hits "Hunting Something" and "Holy Moley"

::: LIVE :::: Album Launch ::: Whelans, Dublin
Saturday 6th September
Price: 10 Euro
Doors 8pm
Link to album + artwork; click "here" for review purposes

The Gorgeous Colours were formed over a period of some years, as two music-loving art school friends were gradually joined by a Franco-Dutch rhythm section. They have been musically active since 2006: almost three years of gigs, adventures on and off the rails, arguing over mixes, and laughing at each other's accents.

Finally, their album is ready. Recorded in too many studios to detail here, the album was born over long days and oftentimes nights in various parts of Dublin and surrounding areas, including Tim's dad's attic. Put together on a shoestring budget, it was built primarily on perseverence, love and the kindness of friends.

As a collection of songs, it reflects the love of its creators for many of the different forms in which music can be made and heard. Some songs are sweet, some are sour. Some are long, others not so long. Some are very different from others, and they like it that way. They humbly suggest that music need not be put into a box – the very concept is scientifically absurd.

"Thank f*** for The Gorgeous Colours. If you're starting to find it hard to move in Ireland for all the rock rip-off clones clogging up the stages, then salvation surely lies with these four idea-laden people. Thumping rhythms and exotic guitars meet in the Mexican badlands on the single 'Hunting Something'. Irish radio and its listeners were powerless, as were we. Track of the year? Just maybe, but it was no fluke, as anyone who's been at one of their arse-shifting live shows will understand." – from Connected magazine's "Top 50 Irish bands" feature, January 2008.

"The Gorgeous Colours' album sampler is just over twenty minutes long and bestows five songs from their soon to be released debut album. The up tempo number 'Means' start us off on the right foot and the energy is maintained throughout the five songs. It's hard to describe The Gorgeous Colour's style, especially when you listen to songs like the new download-only single 'Holy Moley'. Throwing monk-like chanting, cowbells, delicate melodies and ska stop/start rhythms to the mix, the Colours combine these elements to create something very special. These five songs tease us and leave us gagging for the album…" - State Magazine review of album sampler, June 08

The Gorgeous Colours have been musically active since 2006, during which time they have had many adventures, played many a show, and even released some music. So far, their favourite moments have been:

  • Having their debut single "Burning" described by Hot Press as "genius summed up in four and a half minutes".
  • Seeing the follow-up "Hunting Something" reach number one in Phantom FM's chart last summer.
  • Touring Ireland with The Immediate in April 07.

"As beautiful and bright as their name implies, this Dublin fourpiece are creating infectious, studied and beautifully crafted indie rock. Tracks like the urgent, guitar-driven Hunting Something, the melancholy I Miss You and the simply brilliant Burning, coupled with their energetic live performances, mark them out as definitely being on the road to greater things." - In Dublin Magazine

"The sheer pleasure the band take in playing, combined with the energy and jubilant nature of the music, translates into one of the most enjoyable live bands in the country at the moment." - UCD College Tribune (Artist of the Fortnight)

"The marvellous thing with The Gorgeous Colours is that you never really know where their intoxicating music is going to take you next, yet you instinctively feel you can trust them to guide you. It's clearly going to be a fascinating journey, but for now 'Holy Moley' is the sound of the plot thickening very nicely indeed." -

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A Brief History of The Gorgeous Colours

Geoff Sweet had a problem. He was trapped, just like everyone else. He was turning in circles, stuck in a fog of mind games and spiderwebs, a shepherd without a flock. There was only one way out, and he couldn't travel it on his own. He could see the rainbow, but he wasn't going to get there without a team.

He found Neil in art college, a plucky young photographer with some Zeppelin records, a classical guitar and a fire in his belly. They made music, they made art, they went to Thailand. It felt alright to Sweet. Sure, Neil's young, he reckoned, but he's got a brain that stays right in tune, and fingers to die for.

When they heard news on the wires of a tall Dutchman who had just gotten a bass for Christmas, a light bulb flickered in everyone's head. When they sat together, it flickered some more. Tim wasn't sure how to play the thing yet, and he seemed to be tired all the time. But he knew where the notes were, and he wasn't afraid to hit them. Yeah, they thought they were pretty tasty alright. But without rhythm, they were nothing more than a bunch of babies, and they knew it.

They searched high and low, they tested and they tried, but the wheel just wouldn't stop on the right number. But when a moody Frenchman turned up on O'Connell bridge with his sticks in one hand and some beers in the other, they knew their time had come. Glenn's talk was as fiery as his beats were hot, and he had a dangerous charm that rubbed them up just the right way. Four hours later, the final Lego block was in place, and the rocket was ready to launch.

Over Guinness and lasagne, Gorgeous Geoff laid out his plan. He told them, in a thick Dundalk accent, how he was burning, how he hungered for more, how he could see the future. He expressed his belief that everyone was asleep, and confided his desire to "put a rocket under people's arses". They found his ideas a little strange, and a lot of the time the French guy wasn't even sure what he was saying, but they liked the cut of his jib. And he was profoundly handsome, in a way that made him difficult to disagree with.

They figured they got it, whatever it was. It was something to do with tasting some new flavours. Something to do with feeling your feet on the floor. Something to do with sweet tunes and groovy rhythms, with melodies that went straight to the heart and harmonies that wouldn't take no for an answer.

So that was that. The rocket was there. Did they want to jump in, or stay in put?

They were smart boys, and the answer was wonderfully clear. It was easy.

It was gorgeous.

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