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Jimmy Edgar
Jimmy Edgar (Warp Records)
Plus special guests

SPY Thursday 22 May, '08 - 14 Euro including Booking Fee - Doors 8pm ~ ~

Push Promotion is delighted to announce that Jimmy Edgar will be returning to Ireland to play for one night only in Spy on South William Street, Dublin 2. Tickets are on sale now price 14 Euro including booking fee from City Discs, Spin Dizzy, Big Brother, Road Records, WAV 1890 200 078 and online at

CLICK HERE to buy tickets securely online

Jimmy Edgar - Fashion photographer, artist and musician ...

Detroit based Jimmy Edgar has been making music since he was 10 years old, when he started producing sounds electronically and fashioned his first analogue pieces. Influenced mainly by Jazz, Funk, Street Beat and R&B in these early years, he began his musical pursuits by playing the drums in bands and by producing music using tape recorders. Jimmy's intense love for music propelled him to learn many instruments, including guitar, bass, saxophone, percussion instruments and drums.

In 1998, at the age of 15, he started performing at Detroit raves with Techno pioneers such as Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May. Not long after making his debut on the Detroit scene, Edgar signed his first record deal with New York based Isophlux Records. His early releases were critically acclaimed and he attracted a lot of attention within the music industry. Jimmy was quickly courted by a number of other record labels including Merck Records, who released his debut album "My Mines I" in February of 2002. As his reputation as one of the leading innovators and producers of electronic music continued to grow, Warp Records made a successful bid to sign Jimmy Edgar in 2003.

Growing up in Detroit, the birth place of Techno music, Jimmy has a strong affinity for the musical genre. However, it is not easy to pigeon-hole or label Jimmy Edgar's music to one particular style. Although, he is noted for his development of a music style called 'glitch and error' (a unique deconstructive style of electronic music based on Techno and Funk) his music is well received across the music spectrum from indie-kids to techno-heads. He sits comfortably on the Warp Records' roster along side label mates such as Battles, Plaid and Clark.

His most recent releases are quite funky and Detroit sounding. They display a unique ‘rhythmical fashion' - while managing to remain fresh and eclectic yet retaining the minimal aesthetics of breaking the rhythm and melody down to its prime components, Jimmy has created a tight sound with an ultra-modern R&B glazed feel. Combining a variety of genres such as Funk, R&B, Soul, Hip-hop and classical music, Jimmy Edgar's current productions have depth, texture and a whole lot of attitude.

Jimmy does not limit his artistic expression to music alone. The visuals he creates to go along with his music are equally important to him. His musical influences are surrounded by avant-garde art movements such as minimalist concepts and strict colour schemes. He is also recognised for his visual art installations and artwork - both digital and handmade.

Jimmy Edgar is also an award winning fashion photographer whose work can be seen in such publications as H Magazine, Spot Magazine, Urb Magazine, Blink Magazine and more. When not producing and composing music, he divides his time as a fashion photographer between Los Angeles and New York City. Jimmy shoots in a varying of different styles from new digital HDR technology, to medium format film inspired by early Prada, Fendi and Calvin Klein ads.

Jimmy Edgar is a remarkably accomplished artist and only in his 25th year this young man has a stellar career ahead.

Come down and check Jimmy Edgar out in the plush surroundings of Spy on South William Street. This is going to be a great night of music from a truly remarkable and outstanding artist. A night that should not be missed!

Tickets are on sale now price 14 Euro including booking fee from City Discs, Spin Dizzy, Big Brother, Road Records, WAV 1890 200 078 and online at

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