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Stephen Duffy


Re-issued with bonus tracks on 27th January 2006

(Cooking Vinyl)

27th January sees the re-issue of “I Love My Friends” by Stephen Duffy.

“I Love My Friends” was originally released in 1998 to critical acclaim, and is reissued with 7 bonus tracks, and newly written sleeve notes. The album is littered with love, lies and loss, each set out with refreshing honesty over simple but innovative backing. String arrangements are restrained and unsentimental, acoustic guitars are as desolate as the lyric occasionally demands. Yet “I Love My Friends” is also a very uplifting and funny record. Robbie Williams (who Duffy is currently working with), covered “The Postcard” for the b-side on his 2004 Christmas single “Misunderstood”, and his forthcoming Christmas single, “Advertising Space” features a cover of “The Family Coach” (from “Looking For A Day In The Night) as an extra track.

This reissue of “I Love My Friends” means that all of Stephen Duffy’s 1990 albums are available simultaneously for the first time, the other titles being Astronauts, Music In Color, Duffy and Looking For A Day In The Night.

“I Love My Friends” full track-listing as follows :

1. Tune In
2. Eucharist
3. 17
4. Lovers Beware
5. You Are
6. The Deal
7. She Belongs To All
8. Autopsy
9. What If I Fell in Love With You?
10. Something Good
11. Twenty Three
12. The Postcard
13. One Day one Of These Fucks Will Change Your Life


14. Mao Badge
15. In the Evening of Her Day
16. Barbarellas
17. House of Flowers
18. Comedown
19. Hey Kat
20. Holding Hands with Grace

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