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Sheryl Crow
Captured in High-Definition and Mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound
::: Released 08.09.08 on Sound Stage / Essential Music ::: ~

 Contains some of her biggest hits as well as a rare cover of Nick Lowe’s “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding"

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With her passionate voice and hearty riffs, this music teacher turned rock icon reminds the rest of us to look inside and lighten up with hits including "Soak Up The Sun," "Everyday is a Winding Road" and an exuberant cover of "Peace, Love and Understanding." Crow's two part Soundstage performance is also a look back at the classics that catapulted her career from the snappy "All I Wanna Do," to the whispery swan song "Strong Enough," to one of her earliest releases "Leaving Las Vegas."

All three hits helped comprose her debut Tuesday Night Music Club, which garnered Grammy honors for Best New Artist, Best Female Rock Vocal, and Record of the year in 1994. Later favorites featured in the set include "Safe and Sound," from the White Oleander soundtrack, "You're an Original" and "Members Only" off the Globe Sessions.

Since breaking into the music industry in the early 80's, singer-songwriter Crow has gone on to multi-platinum success, while bending the bounds of modern pop-rock. In the second half of her two-part Soundstage, Crow gets down to rootsy, classic rock with "Steve McQueen" and "Sweet Rosalyn." She also includes the moody "If It Makes You Happy" and "My Favorite Mistake."

Sheryl's near hushed performance in "I Shall Believe" pays tribute to the eloquence and depth carried in her voice--a voice and talent that have won her nine Grammy's since 1994. "Let's Get Free" highlights the artist's perennial theme of having fun, while "Redemption Day" and "Home" prove that although she varies her style from blues to country to rock - she will always remain true to her socially conscious, introspective self.


01. My Favorite Mistake
02. You’re An Original
03. The First Cut Is The Deepest
04. Leaving Las Vegas
05. Strong Enough
06. Redemption Day
07. Sweet Rosalyn
08. If It Makes You Happy
09. Home
10. All I Wanna Do
11. Soak Up The Sun
12. Everyday Is A Winding Road
13. (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding
14. Let’s Get Free
15. Safe And Sound
16. I Shall Believe
17. Steve McQueen

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Bolder and more free-spirited than ever, Sheryl Crow embarks on paths both deeply personal and grandly global on Detours (Interscope/A&M Records). Filled with songs about having and holding, changing and letting go, about beginnings, endings, and the roads between them, Detours was inspired by "how I feel things are going in the world and what's happened to me the last couple of years," says the nine-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter.

Crow's lyrical signposts range from the demise of a relationship, the adoption of a child (baby Wyatt, who guests on "Lullaby For Wyatt"), a public bout with breast cancer to the war in Iraq ("Peace Be Upon Us," featuring Arabic lyrics sung by Ahmed Al Hirmi), environmental disaster ("Gasoline" featuring Ben Harper), and the ravaged New Orleans of Hurricane Katrina ("Love Is Free").

Marking her reunion with Bill Bottrell, who produced her sensational 1993 debut, Tuesday Night Music Club, Detours wends its way across the pop musical landscape from the rockin' "Shine Over Babylon" and acoustic folk "God Bless This Mess" to the plaintive "Diamond Ring." An out-of-the-blue telephone call from Crow prompted a reconciliation with Bottrell and brought him to the studio at her farm near Nashville to produce her sixth studio album.

Each of her previous studio albums has charted Top 10 and earned at least platinum certification. The seven times platinum Tuesday Night Music Club hit #3 and earned three Grammys--Best New Artist, Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for the classic "All I Wanna Do." The album also featured "Strong Enough," "Can't Cry Anymore," and "Leaving Las Vegas."

1996's triple platinum Sheryl Crow (#6) earned the Grammy for Best Rock Album and, for "If It Makes You Happy," Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. 1998's platinum The Globe Sessions (#5) also garnered the Best Rock Album Grammy, as its "Everyday Is A Winding Road" and "My Favorite Mistake" both reached the Pop Top 20.

The new millennium brought 2002's platinum C'mon C'mon (#2), whose gold "Soak Up The Sun" peaked in the Top 20 and "Steve McQueen" again nabbed her a Best Female Rock Vocal Performance Grammy. The 2003 greatest hits compilation, the four times platinum The Very Best Of Sheryl Crow, was also a #2 charter, featuring a new recording, a cover of Cat Stevens' "The First Cut Is The Deepest." 2005's platinum Wildflower (#2) featured the duet with Sting, "Always On Your Side."

On Detours, the fearlessly outspoken Sheryl Crow continues a journey of self-discovery that has increasingly appealed to both the head and the heart.

Born under an Egyptian moon to two Bedouin Nomadic Cave-Dwellers, the young Mike (Arabic meaning 'Brave Soldier') was raised in the Buckinghamshire Valley of Twiddleyshire, England. His two elder brothers jeered and ridiculed him throughout his early years and it came to no surprise that he seduced the piano at the unnaturally young age of two and hasn't practiced since. He is unable to read music but can read minds. Throughout his 'career' he has managed to fib his way into recording studios, onto stages and been ejected from bars around the world with such names as Oasis, Mick Jagger, Travis, Future Sound of London and many more now out-of-work artists. He started working with Sheryl and her wonderful, wonderful team back in the heady days of November 1998 and has never looked back. Mike enjoys nothing more than to relax with his long-suffering beautiful girlfriend, play table tennis, spend time with his family and friends, eat fine cheeses and dream of eternal summers, preferably all at once.

Jeremy likes eating, sweating, playing the drums and listening to Jazz.

He was born in Weymouth, South of England with identical twin brother Paul, known for his work with the Black Crowes, Oasis etc.

He moved to London at the age of 21 to attend acting school while working nights as a jazz drummer to survive. Later he formed 'The Lemon Trees' with Guy Chambers (World Party and Robbie Williams), and while opening for Jellyfish in the UK in 1993 met Tim Smith, who suggested he audition with him for Sheryl in 1996 (thanks mate, I still owe you $$$ and %) but was cast aside like an old shoe. Jim Bogios got the gig.... and he deserved it. After pestering Sheryl for years Jeremy eventually got involved in the 'C'mon C'mon' record and joined Sheryl's touring outfit full time in 2003 and has never looked back.

He has a recording studio in Chelsea, London, where attempts are made to produce and mix records (come on boys write some songs???). Check out Tom Baxter's new album 'Skybound' a record he recently produced there.

Jeremy resides in a tower in South London with his many possessions, one of these his lovely girlfriend Layla.

Here are just a few people he has recorded or toured with:
Sheryl Crow, Zero 7, Charlotte Gainsbourg / Air, Sia Furler, The Finn Brothers, Chris Robinson's New Earth Mud, Jason Falkner, Joe Cocker, Robbie Williams, Chris Squire(Yes), Echo & the Bunnymen, World Party, The Waterboys, Aztec Camera, Jason Rebello, Doyle Bramhall II.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Things Jeremy likes:-
Food: Anything in large quantities
Drink: PG Tips, and of course the legendary 'Sea Urchin' (Invented by Jeremy and Mike). Vodka, Cranberry and Ginger Ale. Lovely!
Films: 'Lost in Translation' and 'Chopper'
Place: Gibb T
Quote: from "No Way" by Ram Tzu
In Ram Tzu's world: Nothing is sacred, consistency is a thing of the past, reason is unreasonable, the sun shines at night, children raise their parents, ugliness is beautiful, fools are respected, dreams are dreamed while awake, old men are born, the ordinary is special, there are no mistakes, nothing remains undone and no one ever does anything.

Jon Button was born in the dark winter of Fairbanks, Alaska. At the early age of 7, he began playing the frozen salmon bass and the upright stringed walrus. He then became a vegan and stopped torturing these poor creatures (and the people forced to listen to that racket.) As a frozen child in Alaska, Jon never wanted to be a "rock star," he always wanted to be in a backup band, doing exactly what he's doing now. Jon is therefore, "living the dream."

Jon is one of the few people credulous enough to live in Los Angeles without a car, utilizing the fabulously reliable and extensive (wink, wink) LA mass transit system. While on tour he enjoys searching for vegan restaurants, asking too many questions at non-vegan restaurants and starving. When home, Jon likes going to hear local bands, perusing the farmers market, and terrorizing the neighborhood in his beach-cruiser bicycle gang, consisting of him and his girlfriend.

His uncontrollable mouth contortions might be familiar from when you saw him playing with Michelle Branch or Shakira. Or maybe they're just reminiscent of the time you fed a dog peanut-butter.

Jon's been a big fan of Sheryl's music since Tuesday Night Music Club. He's not only ecstatic to be playing all her great songs, but he also feels honored and humbled attempting to meet the high bar established by the bass playing of Sheryl, Tim Smith and Mike Rowe.

Peter Stroud bio coming...
Tim Smith loves pickled ANYTHING, a large bathtub, baseball, really expensive sheets, and playing guitar with Sheryl Crow. Tim Smith has been working with the Queen Bee since 1996, originally as her bass player and singer. After working on the Globe Sessions, Tim and Sheryl performed many promotional shows around the world as a duo, including a much treasured Toronto bootleg captured called the Trinity Sessions. Tim then started playing more guitar and bass in the band, swapping with Sheryl, you know, to mix it up?

Working with Sheryl on other projects including Stevie Nicks and the Dil Scallion movie soundtrack kept Tim mostly busy, but he also was able to record and release 2 records by his band, Umajets.

Previous to joining Sheryl, Tim played with San Francisco band, Jellyfish, and before that Atlanta power pop band, the Producers.

Tim played bass with the Finn Brothers in 2004-5 during a hiatus with Sheryl, thoroughly enjoying the pleasure of working with one of his heroes, Neil Finn.

"As a 12 year veteran with Sheryl Crow, I still enjoy the playing, touring, recording and meeting so many great people some of whom have become close friends. Now I'm playing guitar exclusively, which is a fun new thing for me," says Smith.

Tim lives in Atlanta, Georgia and promises to look out at the audience more in the future. "That's the problem with long bangs" he laments...

Wally Ingram Bio

Eric Burdon and The Animals Since Dec. 2005

Stockholm Syndrome 2004-2005 - "Holy Happy Hour" on Terminus Records

David Lindley & Wally Ingram-1997-2004 Recorded 4 CD's: touring States, Japan, Europe, Australia etc...
Twango Bango DeLuxe
Twango Bango II
Twango Bango III
Twango Bango IV "Live From Europe"
Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Hornsby & Shawn Colvin w/David Lindley & Wally Ingram Tour
Summer Tour - Jay Leno Tonight Show appearance

John Trudell; Recorded 2 CD's
Graffiti Man:" Johnny Damas and me"
Bad Dog: "Blue Indians" Ryco Records
Alektorophobia: Eric McFadden and Wally Ingram

Sheryl Crow Band 1994-1997 Recorded on:
"Sheryl Crow" A & M Records
"Wood Stock" LIVE
"Boys on the Side" Sound Track Album, "Keep on Growin'"
"I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday"
"Mtv UnPlugged"
"VH1 Behind the Music"
"All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun"
"Run Baby Run"
"Can't Cry Anymore"
Jay Leno -The Tonight Show , David Letterman -Late Show, Conan O'Brien Show (2x), Jon Stewart Show Mtv, Good Morning America! , Today Show
The Grammy's Award Show Live- Won 3 Grammys that night
The International Music Awards- Monaco
Many TV performances in Europe, Japan, South America, Australia, New Zealand
Incl. "Top O' The Pops" BBC (2x)
"Geld oder Liebe"- Germany
"Tara Ta Ta" - Paris
"Roskilde"- Denmark etc...
Timbuk 3 -Band Member 1986-1995 touring the world extensively, Recorded:
"A Hundred Lovers" - High Street Records
"Looks Like Dark to me"- High Street Records
"Big Shot in the Dark"- IRS Records
"Espace Ornano"- Live in Paris-Watermelon Records
"I just want to funk with your mind"
"A Hundred Lovers"
"Throw Down Gun"
Yo Miles-Tribute to Miles Davis- Henry Kaiser- Wadada Leo-Shanachie Records 2000

Common Sense -"Summer Time"- 2001

Missiles of October-2004

Tracy Chapman
"Crossroads Tour" 1991
TV-Arsenio Hall Show
Art Garfunkel- Japan Tour-1992

Lowen & Navarro-Tour-1994

Crowded House-Tour-1995

Jackson Browne & Jennifer Warnes
TV- Arsenio Hall Show
Kevin O'neal & Navigator-" Lisa" on Chameleon Records 1988
Brave New World- "Marcos took the money and run" 1988
"Yes I Love You"-World Records
Sometimes Y- "One Fell Swoop"-Jane Bear Records 1984

Stephanie Alexander, a Los Angeles native who presently makes her home in Brooklyn, NY, is one of the newest additions to the Sheryl Crow camp joining her as a supporting vocalist. Raised in a fiery church as the daughter of a pastor her early musical experiences were filled with spontaneity and emotion as gospel music was her teacher. Throughout her teenage years she studied with various choirs and singing groups, ultimately competing in the nationwide ACT-SO competition.

To date she has worked extensively with artists ranging from Justin Timberlake to Patti Austin, Britney Spears to Travis Tritt, Gwen Stefani to Patti LaBelle and Brian McKnight to Kelly Clarkson - to name a few. She has clocked many hours of television appearances including performances on The Grammy's with Macy Gray and Gwen Stefani and the American Music Awards with Nelly Furtado, Jessica Simpson, Fantasia and Christina Aguilera. She has appeared on the albums of Macy Gray, Gabe Dixon and Incubus and can be heard presently singing on commercials for Slim Fast. Last year she was handpicked by David E. Kelley to join his network television show "The Wedding Bells" and was involved in both the off-camera vocal recording and on-camera portrayal of a wedding singer.

Not only a vocalist - she is a guitarist, songwriter and newly minted music therapist, having recently been awarded a masters degree in music therapy from NYU. Most of all, she is excited about the spring release of her new album which is a collection of Contemporary Christian songs that celebrate belief while addressing the heavy questions of spirituality in our present day world. Lastly, she is completely thrilled and honored to join Sheryl Crow in the promotion of her latest project - Detours.

Nayanna Holley grew up in Los Angeles, California. She was introduced to music at age two, traveling the world with her father: renowned studio singer/vocal coach Dorian Holley, on tours with Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart and James Taylor.

She began to study music at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, where she graduated in 2002 with honors. She also attended the Musician's Institute in Hollywood on scholarship in the summer of 2001.

In June of 2007, Miss Holley graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies and a double major in Spanish. She was a former member of the internationally acclaimed vocal jazz ensemble "Gold Company" and "GC Sextet". She has won several DOWNBEAT Magazine Student Awards with the ensemble under the instruction of Dr. Steven Zegree.

She has recently participated in the Jazz Aspen Snowmass Academy under the direction of distinguished jazz bassist, Christian McBride, and was chosen among many as a finalist in the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Competition. In Los Angeles, Nayanna has begun to make a mark in the music scene. She has worked with Dancing With the Stars, The Grammy Foundation and has most recently toured with Queen Latifah to promote her sophomore jazz album, "Travelin' Light".


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