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Niall Colfer
"Blind Eye"
The 2nd Single From the Critically Acclaimed Debut Album "Finds"
Irish Release Date July 31, 2009 on 1969 RECORDS ~ ~

::: The Album "FINDS" Out Now on 1969 Records :::

After the success of his first single "After All That's Happened", Dublin-based Wexford man Niall Colfer's glossy lo-fi debut album "Finds" was gently placed into the consciousness of the music loving public with an astonishing "word-of-mouth" efficiency. Upon a chance hearing of Niall's demos, 1969 Record's Daragh Bohan immediately seized upon the opportunity to release the album which went on to become one of the label's success stories of 2009. Recorded in Sun Studios & co-produced with Gareth Mannix, "Blind Eye" continues along the path paved by the ex-Salthouse frontman with breezy guitars, catchy choruses, and wistfully blissful lyrics. Perfect for a gorgeous summer day!

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Niall’s first solo project after fronting the critically acclaimed Wexford band SALTHOUSE. Recorded and produced over the last year in Sun Studios with additional production by Gareth Mannix, Finds is Niall’s first solo album. Playing many of the instruments on these new tracks himself, Niall has honed a distinctive style; a hushed confidence of melody and groove, inside disco, rock and sometimes even folk. Not afraid to admit where his inspiration comes from, he says it’s everything from love, loss, and the history of life. You’ll find street scenes in one song, ancient maps in another.

Niall’s songs come across as honest explorations of everyday feelings without the smaltz. He hits a characteristic groove in each song, which just continues on through, hooking you in. Together, the songs leave an impression of subtlety, individualism and toe-tapping rhythm, with lyrics that creep on up and get you thinking.

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