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::: LIVE :::
Whelans (Upstairs), Wexford St, Dublin 2
Friday - Feb 25th - 8pm
Only €5!

Irish Release Date 25-3-11 on CN9 Recordings - Produced by DAVID HOLMES cashierno9

The first proper headline Dublin gig for the highly tipped Belfast band who  release the "Goldstar" ep (Out March 25th), the first taste of their much upcoming debut album "To The Death of  Fun" (Out in the Summer 2011). In an age of stagnant sound-alike bands where style seems to have all but usurped substance, Cashier No.9 are an alternative pop band ready to lead the counter revolution.

Harmonica solo by Tommy Morgan who played with Elvis, on Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, & the intro to 'He Ain't Heavy' by the Hollies!

"Proper songs with no generic bits" Niall Byrne - State Magazine

"Ominous shuffle-beats and head-bending guitars" - Paul Lester - Guardian

"Get your cheque-books out!" Rob Da Bank - BBC Radio 1

“One of my favourite tunes” – Janice Long, Radio 2

“Thanks very much for turning us on to this! Cashier No.9 is the name of the band” – Steve Lamacq, Radio 2

“A band you want to hear more from.” –

"It's almost a cliche to say, but every song they play tonight could be a hit single. From the chiming bells and timpanis of 'Goldstar' to the closing rumble of 'Goodbye Friend', Cashier play with an intensity and confidence that would have seen the most die-hard naysayer tapping their toes. With their metronome pulse at the core of things, they weave layer and layer of melody together to create an unforgettable tapestry of noise." -- Steven Rainey - BBC NI ATL

"Cashier No.9's new album... a modern country rock classic, at once both epic and intimate, each song seems to hover in a kaleidoscopic bubblebath of darting, refracting, teeming detail before soaring heavenwards on a sonic thermal wave of glowing sound, swaddled in a warm multi-layered featherbed of gentle narcotic bliss - a bit like the Notorious Byrd Brothers on really good acid, librium, opium, prozac and soma, the mythical, mystical heavenly high of the ancient ones." - Mat Ducasse - SKYLAB

"Great songwriting and great delivery from a band who reward repeated listening and who offer a rich tapestry of sound." - Bert Scott - BBC NI ATL

Cashier No.9

Daniel Todd – Vocals, Guitars, Sequencing
James Smith – Guitars, Vocals
Stuart Magowan – Bass guitar, Vocals
Philip Duffy - Drums
Ronan Quinn – Keys, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals

For Information / Interview requests / Promotional CDs:
Stevo Berube / Berube Communications or +353 (0)87 244 2695

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