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"Art Brut vs Satan"
Irish Release Date 17/04/09 on Cooking Vinyl
Featuring the Single "Alcoholics Unanimous", Out 03/04/09 ~ ~
 “We recorded the album in a punk-as-f**k two weeks in Salem, Oregon,” explains lead singer Eddie Argos. “I don't always enjoy the recording process - all that fiddling with guitars and drum sounds waiting for my turn to ‘sing’. This time though, we did it just right. We spent a day getting the sound of the instruments perfect, then with all of us in the same room at the same time, with the amazing Black Francis conducting us, we pressed record, jumped around and played our songs. This is how I always thought albums were made and it’s definitely how we're doing it from now on!”

The first single to be released from the album will be Alcoholics Unanimous, in Ireland on 3rd April. More details to follow …

ART BRUT is … Eddie Argos (vocals) / Ian Catskilkin (guitar) / Jasper Future (guitar) / Freddy Feedback (bass) / Mikey Breyer (drums)


Alcoholics Unanimous
DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake
The Passenger
Am I Normal?
What A Rush.
Demons Out!
Slap Dash For No Cash'
The Replacements
Twist And Shout
Summer Job
Mysterious Bruises

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