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Dot Allison




“Exaltation of Larks”
Irish Release 7th September 2007 on COOKING VINYL

"Dot is like some genius child locked in the attic of the music industry" - Pete Doherty

Singer and songwriter Dot Allison returns with a collection of pre-psychedelic harmony-soaked love songs on her new LP, "Exaltation Of Larks", on Friday 7th September.

"Exaltation Of Larks" is a heart-rending, soul-searching album that is haunted by musical spirits of The Beach Boys, Nick Drake, Emmy-Lou, Alexander Skip Spence, Neil Young and Dusty Springfield.

Dot is joined at the production helm by the legendary producer, Kramer. Having loved Kramer's inspired production work with Galaxie 500, Low and more recently Daniel Johnston, Dot decided Kramer was the perfect producer for "Exaltation Of Larks".

Dot wanted to make a Long Player of 'lover's headphone music'. Never being a fan of music that is 'over-processed and de-humanised', Dot decided she needed to work with musicians who were dedicated to retaining the beautiful imperfections of the live performance while helping her to build a sonic palace. With Kramer, Dot has created walls of production and harmony that transport the listener to somewhere else completely (in the same way the records that inspired Dot have always transported her to another world internally).

A Biochemistry student, Dot left her degree to found the 90's successful and acclaimed Dub-Electronic-Pop trio One Dove. In One Dove, Dot first came to know chart success in Europe and America. Dot spent years writing for another One Dove LP but eventually due to both external pressures for label politics and internal wrangling within the band as a result of this, Dot opted to leave the band to go solo. She signed to Heavenly Records in 1997.

After 1999's stellar pop-beauty of "Afterglow" Dot's first solo album which remains a well-kept secret in the UK although it went to no 1. in the college charts in U.S.A.

”Afterglow” featured a song-writing collaboration with the legendary lyricist and long-time collaborator of Burt Bacharach, Hal David along with performance appearances by My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields and The Stone Roses's Mani Mounfield on bass.

In 2002 Dot released a somewhat rebellious record, "We are Science" on Beggars Banquet's Mantra. On this LP Dot often abandoned the traditional use of the voice in song-structure and instead used it purely as an instrument often creating repetitive riffs, washes and pedals.

Her first solo outing "Afterglow" also inspired Massive Attack's 3-D to invite Dot to join the Massive Attack collective as both a songwriter and singer. Dot subsequently joined them on two world tours both supporting with a solo acoustic set as well as on lead vocals and she has been composing with them ever since.

While on breaks from headlining with Massive Attack Dot was asked to join Pete Doherty to co-headline with him on his Bilo Albion acoustic tour in early 2004 which was the first Pete Doherty tour after "The Libertines" split.

After touring the UK writing and performing with Peter, Dot then headed back to join the Massive Attack collective for a month or two. She then on her return re-joined Peter to guest with him on several co-penned songs as part of the Babyshambles set on the 'Stone Me What A Life' tour in late 2004.

Since then Dot has completed recordings with Bobby Gillespie and Paul Weller for future projects.

Dot Allison is one of the music business's more interesting characters. She has successfully managed to body-swerve major fame to continue to create her authentic heart-felt pop and to work with some of music's finest talents.

She wants to continue creating sensitive music that inspires art-lovers everywhere and to write songs that send you the kind of shivers that beckon you to lose yourself in illustrious daydreams.

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