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Irish Release 20 October – Data Records

“A record that commands the human race to bow down before it”
The Guardian on Loneliness

· [Also a record that hit #1, sold over 150,000 copies and spent 9 weeks in the Top 40]

On October 14th Tomcraft releases his debut artist album Muc, hurling listeners into a spin-cycle of melancholic vocals, bordello-basslines and the grungiest electronica this side of slutsville. Phew – there’s the pitch.

After the #1 chart success of his electro-trance anthem Loneliness, German producer Thomas Brückner is set to surprise some critics with an album that is more Berlin basement than BBC studio. The title is a reference to the initials on the baggage labels that you get when travelling from the airport in his beloved home town of Munich.

So buckle up, switch off all mobile telephones and please refrain from smoking as ‘For A While’ kicks off proceedings with a monstrous chunk of funk. Loneliness sidles up with its bitter-sweet melodies and before long we’re indulging in the aural narcotics and vocoded story telling of Overdose. Then it’s on to Schwabing 7. Phase, a track “written especially for the kids who hang around the cool Schwabing district of Munich” explains Tomcraft. “They all drive around in cabriolets hoping to get lucky. I wanted to give them a track they could play while they’re doing it.”

The Dave Gahan-style vocals and rock grandiosity of Into The Light were written by Tom while his wife was pregnant with their son. “It’s all about when he is born and comes out into the light for the first time,” he explains helpfully. Thanks for that Tom.

By half time we’ve reached the second single Brainwashed, which sounds like Madness force-feeding Human League some dodgy acid, with atonal guitars and sinister vocals thrown in for good measure. And what’s this one all about, Tom? “Erm, two lesbian lovers talking to each other as they’re about to have sex,” grins the DJ, before adding, “I enjoyed writing that song.”

Bang Bang is a romp through a dark valley of bass spikes, while he describes Under the Blue as “Tomcraft meets the Beach Boys meets the Beatles.” And as for ‘La Charte – La Salope’ [‘The Whore – The Slut’], play it to a Frenchman and watch the blood rush to his cheeks. Either that or to another part of his body.

To finish off proceedings, here’s a question: “All you DJs out there, why don’t you show some guts and play the stuff that really rocks?” Fuck You is a no-prisoners rant against all the “super cute, line dancing, no girlfriend having, zero talented puppets” of the music industry. “I hate all these boy and girl groups and shows like Pop Idol,” Tomcraft grimaces. And if he had a message for Gareth Gates it would it be? “Fuck You,” he smiles. Expect no quarter, just an epic finale.

[ Tomcraft has already had underground success in the UK and Ireland with tracks like ‘Prozak,’ and ‘Silence’ ripping up dancefloors over the past few years. His DJing schedule has seen him play major festivals including Mayday, Love Parade, Energy and Nature One as well as touring countires such as the USA, Columbia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan and playing Ibiza and the Galery this summer.]

1.) For A While
2.) Loneliness
3.) Under The Blue
4.) Into the Light
5.) Brainwashed
6.) Like The Sun
7.) Overdose
8.) Schwabling 7.Phone
9.) Bang Bang
10.) La Chatte – La Salope
11.) Forever Raver
12.) Fuck You
13.) Lonliness (Munich Edit)

Press Quotes:

" 'Muc', (an abbreviation for Munich airport) jams electro-, Beatles- and Depeche Mode-inspired pop and boshing trance into one soup of astonishingly muck-free album fodder." …Mixmag

“At last a dance album that's actually good! Tomcraft have got choons that'll make you wave yer hand in the air and put a big smile on yer face. This album's gotta be on yer shelf” ...CD UK Magazine

“A record that commands the human race to bow down before it”
The Guardian on Loneliness

“Tomcraft could single handedly revive the flagging dance industry”…Hello on Loneliness

“this summers dance anthem has been found 9/10” …Sunday Mirror on Loneliness

“demonic trance that crackles and fizzes”… Heat on Loneliness

“Loneliness could obliterate you with an over the shoulder glance from it’s robotic laser eyes”
OK on Loneliness

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short bio, discograpy, chart results and stuff...

Artist Profile: Tomcraft

In the past 9 years 28 year old Thomas Brückner aka Tomcraft has unrestrictedly developped into one of the leaders of the league of Europe's progressive house DJs.

As one of the top artists of the record label Kosmo Records numerous productions and chart hits have built his success and reputation . Together with his partner Robert Borman aka ENIAC (also known for his productions with Tom Novy) he created club and chart hits such as "The Mission", "Prosac" and "Overdose", his first top 20 single on the German sales chart.
Also a very successful colaboration was 2000´s top 40 single "Versus", which he produced together with famous producerteam "Sunbeam" (Kontor Records). "Versus" also became the featured single to the top 30 chart compilation "Kosmonauts@Kontor" released July 2000.

2002 even brought a nomination for "best dance single national" on Germanys most important music award "ECHO 2002" .

Apart from his big success as a producer Tomcraft is to be seen as one of the most successfull and popular DJ´s of the European Dance szene. There is not a single huge event (Loveparade, MAYDAY) nor a hip club (like Space Ibiza) in Europe he hasn´t been booked to. His perfect technic of mixing and his progressive style inspired lots of techno-enthusiastics.
His uncountable appearences have also taken him to the US several times in 2000 where he is quite well known and respected for his underground Releases. He played L.A., Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, New York and Miami.
1996 DJ Tomcraft: This is no House
1996 DJ Tomcraft: Prosac
1997 DJ Tomcraft: Mind
1997 DJ Tomcraft: The Circle
1998 DJ Tomcraft: Powerplant
1998 DJ Tomcraft: The Mission
1999 DJ Tomcraft: The Lord
1999 Tomcraft vs Housepunk: Punk da Funk
1999 DJ Tomcraft: 25:17
2000 DJ Tomcraft: Gothic
2000 DJ Tomcraft: Flashback
2000 Tomcraft vs Sunbeam: Versus
2001 DJ Tomcraft "Silence"
2001 DJ Tomcraft "Prosac" 2001
2001 Tomcraft vs. Eniac "All I Got"
2001 Tomcraft "All I Got" (Album)
2002 Tomcraft "Overdose"
2002 Tomcraft "Bang Bang"
2003 Tomcraft *Loneliness*
2003 Album: *MUC*

Remixes (Extract):
Queen vs. Vanguard *Flash*
Simple Minds *
Marco V *Simulated*
Emmanuel Top *Orion*
Romanthony *Never Fuck*
Andain *Summer Calling*
Silent Breed *Sync In*
Limahl *Never Ending Story*
Dreamcatcher *I don´t wanna lose my way*
Puretone *Stuck in a grove*
BBE *Seven days and one week*
Tilmann Uhrmacher *Friends*

Nature 1
Liberty 1
Time Warp
Rave & Cruise
TC Rave (Bogota)

Clubs (Extract):
Nikita (San Franzisco)
Westend (Los Angeles)
Shadow Longue (Miami)
Theater (Denver)
Tunnel (New York)
Space (Ibiza)
Amnesia (Ibiza)
Privileg (Ibiza)
Warehouse (Cologne)
Sage Club (Berlin)
Kontor Club (Hamburg)
Mach 1(Nürnberg)
Oxa (Zürich)
Sensor (Zürich)
Volksgarten (Vienna)

*Loneliness* Results in Germany:
DDC (Deutsche Dance Charts) # 1 (7 weeks now)
GDP (German DJ Playlist) # 1
ODC Top 40 (official German Dance Top 40) # 2
MTV Dancefloorcharts #1 (7weeks in a row)
Airplaycharts 38 (peak)

Official German Sales Charts peak: # 9

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