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  The chronicles of SIR KILLALOT stem back to October 1998. Having served dissonant sonic apprenticeships in various other local troupes, this band was formed as a catchment to draw upon and utilise the inspirations punk, hardcore, pop and rock have to offer for the purpose of furthering the

Along the way, SIR KILLALOT's sound has deviated from a more standard structured poppy approach to a tungsten tipped punk rock sound, incorporating equal measures of tune and terror. The resultant sound is laced with unorthodox structures, weird lyrical splatterings, driving rhythms and chunky riffs.

" PAINTING BY NUMBERS " is a 13 track testimony to the need humans have for primal punk based music. It taps into a source gene, spraying out songs like buckshot in a dirty, disaffected manner which could only ever be spewed by a band from Dublin ( that's Dublin proper as opposed to fairy tale Dublin ).

Because of the effect a line up change would so obviously have on a power trio, every SIR KILLALOT release to date has seemed like their first, but " PAINTING BY NUMBERS " is the sound of a band primed for pole position rather than struggling halfway up the grid.

For more information contact:
Stevo Berube at Berube Communications on (01) 476 3603 or 087 244 2695

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