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  Rory Faithfield: "Burn" The second single from the album BLOOD, BONES & SOUL

"Power Acoustic!" - Irish Independent

"Invigorating and Inspiring" - Irish Times

"Infectious for both Ears and Feet" - Hot Press

BLOOD, BONES & SOUL includes the radio hits "Rise Above" & "Listen"

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Rory Faithfield - Biography

Armed with an arsenal of organic pop songs, and energised with folk/punk sensibility, Rory Faithfield occupies that territory somewhere between Abba and The Sex Pistols....Kind of like Cat Stevens with attitude... or "power acoustic", to quote the Irish Independent.

Playing in garage punk bands around Sydney Australia before leaving the 'live fast, die young' underground music scene and moving to Dublin Ireland, songs became the obsession. After writing and developing his craft amongst the heavily populated singer-songwriter scene in Dublin, Rory started quietly slipping off to Germany, doing solo acoustic tours, refining and expanding his repertoire with literally hundreds of gigs during '96 and '97. 1998 saw the UK-only release of his debut album, RORY FAITHFIELD. Produced by Bill Shanley, and featuring the single, NOWHERE SOMEWHERE ANYWHERE.

Although described by one journalist as..."a strength that will move and inspire you with jolts of positive energy", Rory's attitude was best summed up, albeit tongue in cheek, with DANCE YOUR OWN DANCE. Infused with the need to pursue purpose, power, knowledge and insight, REUNION SONG reads like an open letter to his friends, and as demonstrated with UNDERSTAND NOW, Rory views the world through his ever present rose-coloured glasses.

Press Quotes

....Songs that uplift the human spirit and encourage individualism as in
"Dance your own dance and sing your own song". That's Rory Faithfield in a
nutshell..... ~John O'Regan ROCK'N'REEL Magazine

..Engaging...Faithfield writes a nice lyric and his music is positive and,
at times, irreverent. The punk influence is not entirely hidden: a lot of
his songs are short up tempo affairs, kind of 'power acoustic' if you like.

...a strength that will inspire and move you with jolts of positive energy.
This is great rock and roll music that has character, purity, and
mindfulness that is rarely found in recordings today. The spirit of humanity
is written all over this CD. ~Keith Hannaleck- immense talent and a collection of songs that simply blew me away.
I've heard this style of music from independent artists all over the world.
Most of it is bland and many times boring for lack of originality. Rory
Faithfield is an exception to that experience. ~Michael Allison -

....aside from the inherent message, you will hear an artist capable of
conveying immeasurable emotion and power. Sounding a bit like Brian Ferry of
Roxy Music, Rory Faithfield shows much more than mere promise....It would be
impossible to listen and not believe that here is an artist ready to break
loose. Rory Faithfield is an artist I will be following closely. ~Jack
Baer -

Out of 'Nowhere Somewhere Anywhere' this is destined for the middle and the
best. ~Gareth Gorman, LAM Magazine, London

....with singer-songwriters 10 a penny, it's refreshing and rather rare to
find one who actually seems to know what he is doing......this is really
rather promising, remember where you heard it first. ~Will Fulford-Jones,
TNT Magazine, London

....catch yourself singing along to any number of user friendly choruses ,
or from an old romantic point of view, indulge your heart with the
outstandingly beautiful 'Forsake' or 'Fallen'....There is no doubting
Faithfield's talent as a songwriter, and if this is the birth then I can
only look forward to the coming of age. ~Evangeline Porter, Capital Live,

For more information contact:
Stevo Berube at Berube Communications on (01) 476 3603 or 087 244 2695

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