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Machine Gun Fellatio

machine gun fellatio
Irish Release October 24
Vital Distribution

machine gun fellatio
“paging mr. strike”
The European Debut Album
from Australia’s most outrageous band!
Irish Release Date October 31th
Vital Distribution


“One Day a record company will force them to change the name to MGF or Machine Gun Horatio (also a great name) but, for now, rejoice in their unrestrained, gleeful, full-pelt rhythm and blue (as in 'bit of blue for the dads')…” said NME when we gave them the Impossible Love EP.

Then this week we told The Sun that Machine Gun Fellatio were playing two huge shows in Australia in December with Robbie Williams and Duran Duran. Which is true. So The Sun Bizarre column said they were all touring Europe together. Which is not true but at least The Sun got to print the word FELLATIO in big capital letters. And it is also lucky for Robbie and the Durannies because they would not last the distance at the pace this band set.

MGF were up in the Aussie outback last month with another fat bastard, Russell Crowe, and his 30 Odd Foot of Grunts band. Wooftas. MGF stole the show anyway and singer KK Juggy stole a golf-kart and drove it all the way into the lobby of their hotel. She threw the keys to the bellhop and asked him to valet park it for her.

Lock up your golf-karts and your children. These people are dangerous. Except for band liberal, the Love Shark. Concerned for the environment, The Love Shark says: “Stop the whales shitting in our oceans.”

And here’s the latest instalment of the “rhythm and blue” musical trip we are spinning. “Rollercoaster” veers away from the psychotic lurch of “Mutha Fukka on a Motorcycle” into something a little cuddlier. Kaleidoscopic poptastic drugsex nonsense innit.

There is also a re-mix by Sparks, the band who pioneered smart goofball pop in the 1970s and made a record with Georgio Morodor that “left disco in the dust” according to the website we just ripped that quote from. Whatever, their version of “Rollercoaster” is insane in its own right and well worth giving a spin in our opinion. As is the third track “Yankeez” for anyone looking for a little more swearing and yank-baiting. Yep, they are so dandy.

  machine gun fellatio
“paging mr. strike”
The European Debut Album from Australia’s most outrageous band!

Irish Release Date October 31th through Vital Distribution

Q: Why "Machine Gun Fellatio?" What's in a name?

A: We found the name under a bench, in Croydon Park.

Q: Why "Pinky Beecroft?" (singer) Why "Chit Chat Von Loopinstab?" (keyboards) Bryan Ferrysexual? (drums) The Widow Jones? (singer) Loveshark? (guitar) 3K Short? (bass) KK Juggy? (singer) What's in a name?

A: Ummmmm…. they're our names. Ask the hippies who named us: our parents.

Q: Why "Paging Mr Strike?" What's in a name?

A: Machine Gun Fellatio played the 2002 Big Day Out tour across Australia, the theme of which was ten-pin bowling. In the VIP dining room in Adelaide there were mini tenpin bowling games for the enjoyment of VIP's and their guests. The post-gig Machine Gun Fellatio kids stole them, along with all the alcohol they could find, and took off in full stage costume for Adelaide airport, where their flight to Perth was delayed three hours. So the MGF kids settled down to play tenpin and drink vodka. Dozens of bottles of vodka. The MGF kids are loud by nature, but this occasion marked new levels in personal volume. Pinky Beecroft allegedly reached 130+ db, screaming "I AM MR STRIKE! I AM F*%&ING MR STRIKE!!!" About every fifteen seconds. The departure lounge was packed with businessmen. None of whom were fans of Machine Gun Fellatio or indeed of any other rock band, particularly one that might choose to disrupt their normal programming in this way. Eventually the flight was ready to leave, but it was noticed that Pinky Beecroft had wandered away. As is his wont. He had apparently found another gate lounge where twenty-two Swedish schoolgirls were about to leave for the Northern Territory, and he had convinced himself that he needed to see Uluru fairly urgently. But that is another story, because in the meantime MGF roadperson Mr Gamma Ray had approached the ground staff of the airline and had a quiet word. And so over the loudspeakers all over Adelaide airport came the announcement: "PAGING MR STRIKE! PAGING MR STRIKE!"

Well, the businessmen laughed. They clapped and cheered. Some broke down, later acknowledging that this in fact was the moment they reconnected with rock'n'roll. And Beecroft made the flight, as did all the other MGF kids, and they found themselves wondering yet again why the fish tasted exactly like the chicken.

Hello and welcome to Paging Mr Strike. The new album from Machine Gun Fellatio. The second most difficult. The cross-over. The sell-out. The cash-in. The great leap forward. The litmus test. The one with the yellow cover. Fifteen tracks, each and every one of them a little time-capsule, a space-capsule. A baby-capsule. Let's have a little peek inside. Featuring “Rollercoaster” and “Mutha Fukka on a Motorcycle”

Track 1: butter my ass with a pigeon
The hiss and crackle of old vinyl. A man in a rocking chair, a single tear trickling down his cheek, a lone guitar, a fragile voice, a broken memory of love and monster trucks … and a heartfelt vow to his loved one: "if you’ve got the pigeon, I’ve got the ass." And then… footsteps on the verandah. The vinyl's wrenched away from the turntable. Honey, let's get it ON-

Track 2: pussytown
The mood's changed, a party's appeared out of nowhere. A brass fanfare, stomping bass… a celebration: the joys of cunnilingus. From every angle. And the chorus is simply this: "I'm going down, down, down down down down down…… to pussytown." It's hard to figure out who's going to love this song more - the boys or the girls.

Track 3: take it slow
Disco 2004. The original mix of a song featured on the Impossible Love EP. As the words say, "get out your music and dance with me." Pass the butter Marlon, I'm excited.

Track 4: rollercoaster
As in: "you're like a rollercoaster, toast ya in a big four-poster bed." Rumoured to be the next single from Paging Mr Strike, it's an infectious piece of summertime pop that's already been one of the most played songs in the southern hemisphere. But now it's YOUR turn.

Track 5: drugsex
The neighbours have turned up and they're off their faces. But they're cute. And from someone somewhere a pertinent reminder: "you've never fuckin' done it til you've done it fucked-up." Thank god we remembered that.

Track 6: mouth
Out back in the garage, the kids've taken control of the stereo. And we're rockin' out, air-guitar, communal screaming: "She held me in her hands while I kissed her mouth." The Eighties ain't dead, they're just dug-up & fucked-with.

Track 7: smooth sexy monkey
The bad uncle. In the rumpus room. With the Rastas.

Track 8: not afraid of romance
We're movin' and we're groovin' and we're smashing the odd glass. The party's got a whole lot more crowded, and there's a rumour that the punch is spiked. And it even tastes good. "When the sunshine hits your eyes, you'll find me there. And I'm not afraid of romance."

Track 9: the girl of my dreams is giving me nightmares
The hit single from the other side of the world. Everybody knows it, everybody digs it, it's been a radio standard on Mars. The dance-floor's packed solid, the cops are giving out drugs, the toddlers are singing along and grandpa & grandma are making out in the corner.

Track 10: summer
Just when you thought the night couldn't get any better, the person who broke your heart when you were fifteen turns up out of the blue with a half-pound of cocaine and a burning urge to make up for lost time.

Track 11: (let me be your) dirty fucking whore
What a swell party this is - and how very strange. Could this be a lost recording from an X-rated Esther Williams movie? A time-capsule from a parallel universe? KK Juggy (aka Christa Hughes) has toured the world with her solo shows, and this is just a taste. The punch is definitely spiked. And the Twenties ain't dead, they're just dug-up and fucked-with.

Track 12: blacklamb
There are people getting' laid in every room of the house. And some of them are cops. "She's retro, she's hetero, she's Ellie-May goin' down on Jethro…" Clearly, it wasn't just the punch that was spiked.

Track 13: mutha fukka on a motorcycle
We're back on the dance-floor; we're stealing kisses from the neighbour's wife. "I like to get drunk, I like to get high, I love it when the crowd goes off." The Forties ain't dead, they're just dug-up and fucked-with.

Track 14: my ex-girlfriend's boyfriend.
A live track. Out of nowhere. It's raw, low-fi and spectacularly drunk. In fact it's Pinky Beecroft solo. He's turned off the stereo and taken over the piano in the lounge-room. The selfish little boy. But it may be just what you need at this stage of the evening.

Track 15: unsent letter
Just when the party was getting out of hand: something to chill us out, something to take us all on a journey to another time and place... and something to bring us safely home again. "I dunno if I lied when I said we're not together." And so the track builds…. and builds to an emotional climax that's heartbreakingly simple: "I finally wrote your song, another unsent letter." But it's okay. It's more than okay. It's the perfect end to a perfect night.


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Nobody’s sure where the name came from, or what it means. There’s a rumour it was thought up by somebody named Adolph who’s not actually in the band.

The naming happened a couple of years ago, when Machine Gun Fellatio was first formed, although nobody quite recalls when or how that happened, It seems to have taken place when everybody was very out of it. This is apparently how things work in MGFellatioland. There is a rumour that the band started out doing soundtracks for porn films.

There are seven permanent members of Machine Gun Fellatio - at last count. Depending on whether or not you count the hula-girl, or the baby sheep. Those seven are:
Pinky Beecroft (boy) - vocals, keys
The Widow Jones (girl) – vocals
KK Juggy (girl) - vocals
3K Short (man) – bass, keys, guitar
Chit Chat von Loopin Stab (kid) – loops, stabs, vocals
Bryan Ferrysexual (boy) – drums
Loveshark (boy) – guitars

Mostly the band is Australian. With German elements. There is talk of a South American franchise. Nobody’s sure. But there has certainly been a great deal of success in Australia.

The first Machine Gun Fellatio album, Bring It On, went gold. The most recent album has gone platinum and spawned several top ten singles, including the hits Rollercoaster, Pussytown and The Girl of My Dreams Is Giving Me Nightmares. There has been saturation airplay on radio stations, both college and commercial and the band has long been a solid favourite of JJJ-FM, the national youth radio network.

But it’s the live show that has probably generated the most press for this strange collection of unhinged individuals. For some time the band was banned from performing at several Australian universities, allegedly for onstage nudity.

Machine Gun Fellatio are currently touring with Russell Crowe and Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunt. Much to everybody’s extreme bewilderment. They are then travelling to Europe, the UK and the US. New turf, new drugs, new fuckbuddies. Yes indeed.

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