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Mary Lorson and Billy Cote
  Mary Lorson and Billy Cote – “Piano Creeps” (Cooking Vinyl)

Irish Release date: 17th January 2003
1. e guitar, 2. turtle song, 3. dig a hole, 4. newfield Baptist church, 5. che, 6. world’s fair, 7. see the stars, 8. piano creeps, 9. old man dance, 10. near end theme, 12. Joe’s House

In the early 1990's, downtown NYC was busy incubating a creative ethic which fused urban realism with a sense of innocent discovery. The era spawned a number of rock groups which continue to bear fruit, both in fact and in influence (a line could well be drawn between the likes of Jon Spencer, Ivy, Speedball Baby, D-Generation and Madder Rose to the current wave of "rock is back" outfits).

Madder Rose, begun in 1991 by Mary Lorson and Billy Cote, drew near-instant attention from audiences and industry for their natural marriage of savvy songwriting with innocent delivery. In the intervening years Lorson and Cote’s principals have shown themselves truly committed to full-spectrum expression through music, leading us to their present release, "Piano Creeps", a collection of compositions stemming from their work creating music for film.

"Billy and I really enjoy the freedom of the instrumental format, since there is no requirement to 'get to the chorus' or stick to the pop writing songwriting roadmap" explains Lorson. "Piano Creeps allowed us to exercise our arranging muscles, and try out as many ideas and instruments as we could record." As Billy says, "Any out of tuneness, out of timeness or accidents during recording became intentional after the fact!"

Atmospheric, evocative and sparkling with beauty, "Piano Creeps" will mesmerize you from the start. Featuring 12 mainly instrumental compositions ('Dig A Hole', 'See The Stars' and 'Americana #1' being the exceptions), the album intrinsically weaves pianos, percussion, horns, weirdo guitars and analog synths to create a dark dreaminess. Put simply, "Piano Creeps" is the perfect soundtrack.

Madder Rose released three full-length offerings on Atlantic, signing with UK indie Cooking Vinyl in 1998 for its fourth and final effort. Mary Lorson then created the jazzy artrock ensemble Saint Low, releasing an eponymous debut in August 2000 on Cooking Vinyl, followed with "Tricks for Dawn" in March of 2002. Dubbed "auteurist pop-noir, a jazzy, groove-loving take on the confessional pop song," Saint Low has drawn attention for the impressively sincere range of attitudes which Lorson's pen can create. Lorson has toured Europe and the UK as support act, keyboardist and backup singer with Tanya Donelly and Willard Grant Conspiracy. Simultaneously, Billy Cote’s dubby beatnik project, Jazz Cannon uses multiple vocalists and technologies to fashion lyrical urban soundscapes. A debut full-length, "Amateur Soul Surgery," was released in 2001 on San Francisco's Function8 Records.

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