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Jan Wayne
“Because the Night”
Irish Release Date: October 18, 2002
Product Recordings / Incentive
Distribution RMG – Chart

The No.1 hit in Europe, Jan Wayne ‘Because The Night’ has had phenomenal cross-border success, most recently topping the Dutch Sales Chart (and still at #2 there) and spending three months inside the German Top 30 selling over 165,000 copies. Now its set to do the same in the UK - off to a flyer on The Box and taking club land by storm – currently #10 on the MW Pop Chart.
Jan Wayne is a highly popular German DJ with three hit singles and a Top 20 album under his belt in his homeland. He provides the current generation of kids with a chance to appreciate the classic ballads of the 80s in a form that they understand – full on pop/dance bursting with energy.

This is the first release on Incentive’s Product imprint – a label set up to release the most obvious pop/dance hits without the restraints of maintaining a broader label identity for Incentive.

For more information contact:
Stevo Berube at Berube Communications on (01) 476 3603 or 087 244 2695

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