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With the official news that their debut album ‘Overgrown Eden’ entered the UK album charts as the highest new entry at #15, InMe have announced that they will release their 4th single and play selected dates in April 2003.

Taking the UK by storm, the Essex trio has gradually been making their impact on the UK’s national charts. Their debut single ‘UnderDose’ entered the singles chart at #66, swiftly followed by second single ‘Firefly’ which just missed Top 40 success entering the chart at #43. However, it was third single ‘Crushed Like Fruit’ which finally broke down all barriers, crashing into the chart at #25.

The fourth single to be taken from the hit debut album ‘Overgrown Eden’ will be Neptune, which is scheduled for release on 14th April 2003. Known for their energetic, raw videos (all directed by Canadian Harv Glazer), InMe will film the new video in London on Sunday 16th February, and will be inviting fans to be part of the video. Any interested fans should e-mail: to find out full details.

Supporting the release of the new single, InMe will play three headline dates around the UK in Glasgow, Manchester and London. InMe are steadily becoming one of the hottest tickets in town, as recently proven on their SOLD OUT tour of the UK, including a storming, sweaty performance at the 1,000 capacity London Mean Fiddler.

Dates as follows:
Wed 9th April Glasgow QMU £9.00 – 0870 220 1116
Thur 10th April Manchester Academy £9.00 – 0161 832 1111
Sat 12th April London Astoria £10.50 – 020 7434 0044020 7734 8932
24hr Credit Card Hotline: 0871 2200 260

InMe also play as support to Feeder on Saturday 8th March 2003 at London’s Brixton Academy.

For more information contact:
Stevo Berube at Berube Communications on (01) 476 3603 or 087 244 2695

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‘Enjoyably angst-ridden debut… InMe have a maturity beyond their years.” – Q Magazine

“One listen to this, their debut exposes InMe for what they genuinely are – potential bonafide big players on the British alternative rock scene and indubitably beyond.” – Metal Hammer

‘Watch InMe conquer 2003” - NME

Essex, more commonly perceived as the place where white stilettos and knickers go to die, is about to experience something of a credibility influx thanks to the nuclear talent of a young rock trio known as InMe, whose third single 'Crushed Like Fruit' crashed into the UK National Chart this week at #25.

But regardless of the fact that youth is on their side (Dave and Joe have literally just turned 20, whilst Simon has reached 19), InMe are a real band in the truest sense of the word; a Band who are not out to sell their skins to the highest bidder, but who are focused on creating real music, which is personal to them. A new alternative for a rapidly changing music scene.

So how did a trio who first started jamming together when they were only 13 years old get to the verge of chart success? Well, it would be fair to say that the big bang happened in October 2001 when InMe signed their deal with independent label Music For Nations. InMe quickly entered the studio with Colin Richardson as producer to record their debut album 'Overgrown Eden'. Replete with depth, personal loss and dissolution, 'Overgrown Eden' is a album of stunning maturity, way beyond what most would consider possible from the collective mind of a band who were still in their teens during the recording process. It soon became clear that in the current musical climate InMe had crossover appeal and the potential for chart success despite the rawness of the music and the harshness of the vocals.

In July 2002 the first single 'UnderDose' was born to an unsuspecting rock fraternity and the impact was immediate. Accompanied by an incredibly energetic video (filmed in Canada with director Harv Glazer, who would go on to film three consecutive videos for the band), the public were given their first visual and audio glimpse of InMe and were immediately inspired to put their vote to the test shooting the track to most wanted status on both MTV2 and Kerrang! TV's respective charts. 'UnderDose' debuted at #66 on the UK chart and was the band's first taste of the forbidden fruit.

But the best was yet to come: During InMe's live appearance at the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street, London, at the Kerrang Day Of Rock last August, the music industry bods discovered the reality of what had been bubbling under out there in TV land. When InMe, hit the stage, the screams from the already anticipating crowd deafened everyone who was within a two-mile radius. InMe had finally arrived, and unlike Elvis, did not leave the building until every one of the fans, who by the end of the gig had not only spiralled around the entire store, but had also broken out onto Oxford St., had had whatever they thrust at the band, autographed.

The bare fact of life is that there are simply some signs you cannot ignore and this was one that Kerrang! magazine did not! It might have been seen by some more conservative editors to be a mistake, but when the music industry pinball machine illuminates the 'tilt' sign, you’ve got to react fast and they did. The following day, InMe were offered the front cover of Kerrang!’s forthcoming issue as well as being nominated for Best New British Band at the Kerrang! Awards. A brave step in anyone's book.

The band's second single - 'Firefly' continued where 'UnderDose' left off, and within 2 days, of its video debut, hit the Number 1 slot on MTV2's Most Wanted Chart for seven consecutive days. These three young hopefuls and peers of the culture had definitely hit a chord with the commercially sceptical minds of today's youth.

Once again the voice of the record buying public was heard and against the odds and without being part of the so-called manipulated factory hit machine, 'Firefly' shot into the UK National Chart at #43. Six months of support slots with Soil, SugarComa and Anathema began to show the fruits of their labour.

With an ever-growing legion of fans, partly due to a conscious effort to promote the band on the web, a fact that has garnered the band over 150,000 unique hits from over 65 countries so far, InMe had become a force to be reckoned with. Now under the management of John Brand at Marsupial Management (Stereophonics) the band's future could only go from strength to strength. Support slots followed with Hundred Reasons, JJ72, Puddle Of Mudd and shortly Feeder (Feb 2003) , and with continuing support from the UK press, specialist radio and of course the readers of Kerrang! Magazine who have just voted InMe Best New Band (beating Tenacious D and Audioslave amongst others), the future of the music business has revealed itself. Pure talent can break through the enclosed walls of Eden and the success of the band’s third single 'Crushed Like Fruit' is testament to that.

InMe's debut album 'Overgrown Eden' is released on 27th January 2003.

Serpents aside, it is time to take a good look at what is on offer and take a bite out of the apple.

For more information in Ireland please contact:
Stevo Berube at Berube Communications on (01) 476 3603 or 087 244 2695 /

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