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Incantation featuring Tony Hinnigan
Incantation featuring Tony Hinnigan
“Camera : Reflections On Film Music” (COOKCD233)
Irish Release 25 July 2003

"I have known Tony for many years, having become familiar with his work playing ethnic wind instruments for Ennio Morricone's score of "The Mission". I have used both Tony and Mike on many of my own albums and film scores including ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Titanic’. I feel very privileged to have Tony's arrangements of some of my movie themes included on this album" – JAMES HORNER

"Tony's been my right-hand cellist for longer than I can remember - as soloist, quartet
player and Michael Nyman Band diehard – and now arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist. What more could I ask for?" – MICHAEL NYMAN

“The main regret I have about Tony Hinnigan is that he’s only played on one of my film scores, but I’m flattered that he’s chosen to include ‘Handful of Dust’ on this album, particularly as he’s graced so many highly celebrated films with his amazing playing. He’s the real deal – and I must think of something else for him to play on – and soon” – GEORGE FENTON

"What you are about to hear on this CD, as I did upon hearing Tony's playing for the first time when recording 'The Shipping News’ film score, is the work of someone who has mastered his instrument. There are not many musicians who have devoted their lives to playing Irish wind instruments. He is a member of an elite clan. As far as I'm concerned and I'd bet everyone else who has had the great fortune of working with him - the best!" - CHRIS YOUNG

Incantation featuring Tony Hinnigan are set to release “Camera : Reflections On Film Music”, a dazzling array of unforgettable melodies from some of Hollywood’s best known movie soundtracks in July 2003. Prominent musician and composer Tony Hinnigan was invited by Cooking Vinyl’s MD, Martin Goldschmidt, to look back over the many film scores on which he had participated during his career with a view to re-interpreting the musical material for this album. Tony, who has worked on film scores too numerous to mention, refined his choice to those whose melodies best suited his own skills. Full track listing as follows :

1. The Shipping News 9. A Handful of Dust
2. Legends of The Fall 10. The Devil’s Own
3. City of Joy 11. The Mask of Zorro
4. Field of Dreams 12 Braveheart
5. The Mission 13. The Land Before Time
6. Titanic – The Portrait 14. The Piano
7. Young Guns 15. Titanic – Hymn To The Sea
8. Willow  
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Born in Glasgow, Tony moved to London aged 17 to study cello at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama with world-renowned teacher William Pleeth (who taught Jacqueline du Pre amongst others).

After graduating, Tony began to work as a freelance musician with various orchestras, but mainly in the theatre with contemporary dance companies, such as Ballet Rambert. In 1982, whilst working for Rambert, Tony formed Incantation with Mike Taylor to perform music for the Christopher Bruce ballet “Ghost Dances” (Cooking Vinyl - COOKCD69). Shortly afterwards, Beggars Banquet offered the band a contract and they released the single “Cacharpaya”, a Bolivian folk tune, which charted that year at number 12 in the UK Top 40. Incantation has since gone on to record 10 albums with various record labels.

In 1986, Ennio Morricone invited Incantation to perform on his score for the Roland Joffe movie, “The Mission”. This began an on-going relationship with the world of film music for Tony, including soloing and co-producing on some of Hollywood’s most famous film scores such as “Braveheart”, “Titanic” and “The Mask of Zorro” amongst others.

Tony has performed with the Michael Nyman Band for over 15 years and has also recorded Nyman’s string quartets with the Balanescu Quartet (for Decca). His recent projects have included working with James Horner on Shekhar Kapur’s “The Four Feathers” and Michael Tollan's (soon to be released) “Radio”, and Martin Campbell’s “Beyond Borders”.

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