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March 14, 2003
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D-VINE are one of the MOST TALENTED girl groups ever assembled! They were put together by two of the band members in January 2002. The two members (Regina Roe & Tia Peyton) met at the Irish Popstars audition and decided to hold auditions of their own to form an R&B girl group. It was from these open auditions that the three other members (Laura Clancy, Emily O’Neill & Luiza Hogan) were selected and Ireland’s first R&B girl band was formed!

Ranging in ages from 19-24, all five of the girls can sing wonderfully, they are all fantastic dancers, they play instruments (piano, guitar & violin), two of the members rap & they write their own songs!

Where else can you find this combination of talent in a girl group ?!
D-VINE have worked with the hottest Irish acts such as Reel, Fifth Avenue, Luke Thomas, D-Side, Mankind & Broken Hill. For the past year they have been performing all over Ireland to crowds of more than 1,000 fans! Most recently they supported SIX during both their summer & Christmas tours!

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Stevo Berube at Berube Communications on (01) 476 3603 or 087 244 2695 /

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  D-VINE Biography

Thousands of music industry hopefuls flocked to the Irish Popstars auditions. Six were selected to become Irish pop celebrities. But what about all the other talented singers who auditioned? Did they all fade into obscurity?

Not all of them . . .

When TIA PEYTON & REGINA ROE met at the Irish Popstars auditions, it was fate. The girls started talking purely by coincidence and realised they had the same issues with the auditions.

“Both of us wanted to be in a girl band, but neither of us wanted to perform pop music. We both wanted to do R&B music, write our own songs, choose our own styles and have direct input in the direction of the band. We knew we couldn’t have ANY such input from a pre-packaged record deal off a TV show. So we left and started our own band!” Regina Roe

After a month of open auditions, three more girls were selected and D-VINE (Ireland’s FIRST R&B girl band) was formed! D-VINE is comprised of TIA PEYTON (22) from Co. Mayo, REGINA ROE (24) from Las Vegas, LAURA CLANCY (20) from Dublin, LUIZA HOGAN (21) also from Dublin and EMILY O’NEILL (19) from Co. Galway.

All five girls have terrific singing abilities, they are all fantastic dancers, they can play instruments (piano, violin, acoustic guitar & bass guitar), two of the girls rap AND they write their own songs!


D-VINE went straight to work - managing themselves without any external financing! They wrote 15 original songs, choreographed dance routines, styled themselves and have TWICE toured with Six (the Irish Popstars)– ALL WHILE WORKING JOBS AT THE SAME! As VIP magazine put it,
“In a world where major companies finance manufactured bands, chauffeur driven to every event and put up in top class hotels, D-VINE do it differently.” Yvonne McMahon – VIP Magazine.

Indeed they do! And it is this unique dedication, sheer determination and amazing work ethic that makes D-VINE stand out from all the rest. D-VINE are making it the old-fashioned way. THEY HAVE BEEN EARNING IT!! The respect D-VINE have earned as Ireland’s most talented and hard-working band has enabled them to perform along side such hot artists as Lisa Stansfield, Darius, D-Side, Fifth Avenue, Six, Reel, Luke Thomas, Mankind, Broken Hill and soon Dannii Minogue!!

D-VINE released their debut single, Butterflies, independently in Ireland the end of March 2003. The song was a radio smash hit and generated outstanding exposure for the girls. They were interviewed on radio stations across Ireland (98FM, FM104, Kerry Radio, Limerick Live 95, etc.) and on Ireland’s hottest TV children’s shows (Den TV, ID and TnaG). D-VINE have appeared in every national Irish newspaper (The Sun, The Mirror, The Herald, The Times, etc.). They have also been featured in Hotpress Magazine, Galway Now Magazine (cover), VIP Magazine and soon U Magazine.

D-Vine are truly one of the most talented girl groups ever assembled, and their future is extremely bright! They are Ireland’s hottest group and the Irish press have labelled them “The Next Big Thing”!

For more information / interview / Photos please contact:
Stevo Berube at Berube Communications on (01) 476 3603 or 087 244 2695 /

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